Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1 week

Wow it is hard to believe how quickly this pregnancy has went by....not that it has been easy, but has been quick!!! One week from today, we will be sitting in our hospital room holding our new precious baby, Luke's brother, Evan Ross Benton!!!!! I want to take this week to cherish the last time we will be a family of three and Luke will be an only child. This past weekend, I took Luke on what he calls " a hot date!" We had so much fun!!!!

Luke, I know you are so excited to meet your brother!! I don't think you realize how much our lives are about to change and how in a week you are going to have a new buddy!! Right now, you always refer to daddy as your best buddy but I am certain that will change very soon. I knew there might be so issues we would have to deal with after Evan arrives, based on all the warnings I have received; but, I did not realize some of those may start before Evan arrived!!! You want me to hold you like a baby and feed you, which I probably should not do but I figure that in a week you will have to grow some so I am going to spoil you a little this week!!! You are an amazing kid and we love you so much!!!! You are already an amazing big brother and love to take care of Evan. You want to lay on him, which we hope will stop once he is actually here, lol!! You try to feed him you snacks and milk, which is so nice of you; however, we hope that too will stop until Evan is much older!!! This morning we talked and you were so excited that you get to go to Nana and PopPops on Monday night and that they are gonna bring you to see Evan!!!

I am so amazed by all the blessings God has provided our family! I have an amazing husband, who can't stand when I write about him...but I want to remember how thankful I have been for his understand, love, and support through our lives thus far!!! I am so glad you will be by my side holding my hand between picture taking as Evan enters this world!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!

To any friends or family out there that may read this blog, I will do my best to update with pictures as quickly as I can after Evan arrives, we would appreciate your prayers for the doctor, Evan and our family next Tuesday!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wow what a week!!

Well simply stated, this week has been crazy!!! My boys were sick over the weekend and we missed church!!! Then on Tuesday, we started state-wide testing. For all of you teachers out there, you know how fun and stressful these test are for the kiddie and for us!!! Once testing was over for the day, I got a call from my mom saying she was being sent by her doctor to the hospital because she was having heart issues. So i left school and headed up there. We sat there until about 7:45 pm before the heart doc came to visit. He did nothing that night but set up stress test for her the next day. Well mom ended up in so much pain that she finally asked for something to ease it so they waited till mid day to do stress test. Everything came back good which is great news but we still don't know why she is having trouble with her breathing, why she feels pain in her chest and why she is so tired!!! Then, to add to my family excitement, I left my mom's hospital room Tuesday night to head home and had the joy of feeling the worst pain of my life. Yes, I thought I must be in labor and if I wasn't, I certainly never wanted to experience real labor!!! So I did not sleep at all Tuesday night and nor did jeff!!! The next morning (suppose to be day two of testing at school), I called doctor and the nurse told me I need to go to hospital to be monitored. Fortunately, I was not in labor!!! I have a UT infection and I was very dehydrated from being sick the night before...all resulting in contractions. So when I finally get home that evening, I found out that my grandpa is very sick, so please be praying for him and his wife who has also been ill!

Well on to a much better topic, bert and Karen took Luke to Awanas last night and he had so much fun. A little funny story for me to always remember is that potty truing is going great and Luke is only wearing pull ups at night. Anyhow, guess he needed to pee while on playground last night so the little angel just let's it rip out in front of God and everyone! Man I love this kid!! Today he asked where evan was...I think he is ready for his bubba to arrive...Just a few more weeks