Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And so it starts again

Well the time has come for me to once again take control of my health and in doing so, I must put some real info out there.  Admitting the problem and confessing a very embarrassing realization are key to my success.  So here I go..... I have gained 35 lbs.  Yes, I know it's crazy!  The last time I gained this much weight, there was a reward of a child in the end.  Sadly this time it is just a result of me not taking care of myself and stress eating.  So here are my stats:

I currently weight 159.

I have no idea what size I am wearing because I refuse to buy clothes but I would guess a size 14.

My goal weight is 130.

I just want to be able to wear all the cute clothes that have been sitting in my closet for the last year.  

So here is the before picture and as you can tell from my face, it is making me sick to take this.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Random Photos

I thought I would blog some random pictures that have been on my phone for awhile. So here you go!!

I love my sisters and I am so blessed they are in my life.  On this day, we were apparently thinking alike.

These two boys fight often but it is times like this that you can see the love they have for one another.

Luke lovin on Grayson.

These boys crack me up.  I can just imagine some type of music playing in the background and these boys walking together like they are so cool (of course, they are pretty cool).  Sorry Luke, you are hiding behind Landon!

I forced Jeff to take a selfie with me.  As you can tell he was overjoyed!

Doesn't he look like he is up to no good?!?

I love this precious face with all my heart. Sweet Evan just kicked back relaxing. 

Date night and we got to watch the DBB at Branson Landing!!

4th of July

WE love the 4th of July.  This year, we had two gathering to attend (Daffron's and Newton's).

At the Newton's the boys and McKenzie all dressed up as football players and had a little pre-firework game.

They are seriously precious.  I love these kiddos and so glad they get to grow up together.  We are missing Harper in this picture but I am sure it was safer for her to stay clear of these football players.

The Newton's had some fun fireworks and the kiddos loved them.  Thanks Newton's!!

At the Daffron's the kids played and played. 

The Daffron's put on quite a show, so much so that I am sure the neighbors were watching.  

After the fireworks, the boys decided it would be cool to pretend to ride around in Gunner's jeep.....

With a back full of girls.  If this is what my future holds, I  am in trouble.  Just kidding, I am looking forward to watching all these kids grow and its fun to watch them year after year on the 4th of July!


Our T-ball season was awesome.  The boys went undefeated during the season.  They made it to the championship and fell just short of winning.  But they are winners in our heart.  

I am so proud of the sportsmanship our team showed.  Its fun to win but its really important for the kiddos to learn how to lose without being poor sports.  

Luke and Evan with the runner-up trophy.  They were a little disappointed but I am proud of them.

Gunner always supports the team so the boys shared their trophy with him.  I think he was super proud of them.

Daffron Cattle Company T-Ball Runner-ups!

The boys raising their trophy high.

A little pre-game chat with the coach.

The team and their coaches.

A little after game snack.  Its been a fun year.  Next year Luke moves on to pitching machine while Evan enjoys another year of T-Ball.  I am sure we will be running like crazy trying to keep up!


I was so blessed to be able to take a week off this summer and teach some special 2nd graders about Jesus.  It was a crazy busy week.  I ended up hurting myself somehow while sleeping the morning before VBS.  Praise God that he helped me through the pain and thanks to my doctor for giving me something so I could heal and serve the Lord.  

Here are the boys we had for the week.  They love taking selfies!

Just a few of the girls that insisted on taking a picture with me.

I was so thankful for my friend Rebecca who also took time out of her summer to teach these angels.  I am pretty sure we were all blessed by the week.

Evan and several other kiddos worshiping Jesus in song.

Evan with his best buddy Landry.  I am so thankful for youth that have such a heart for our kiddos.  Several took time out of their summer to spend with over 100 kiddos each day!

The kiddos love craft time.

Almost as much as cookie time.  I made so many cookies and enjoyed doing so.

I also enjoyed eating them, LOL!!

Luke with his buddies.

Bryson building a huge cup tower with numerous 1st and 2nd graders around.

Water fight with sponges.  The kids loved the rec time.  Thanks Brenton for leading these games and for setting a great example for our kiddos.

The kids love music time.  This years VBS songs were awesome.  I am still singing them!!


This is just a post about my boys and how much they love life.

These boys love to act goofy and they love to eat pizza hut on Sundays.

We actually got them to sit still for a minute and take a real picture. 

Luke and Landon have enjoyed fishing with their dads.  And I would say they did a good job.  

Luke and Evan enjoy riding their bikes.  

Luke can now ride without training wheels (cue tears)!

Evan is still trying to figure this all out but getting better each day. 

Mothers Day

Oh Happy Mother's day!!  Some will say that being a mother is easy but I know it is not.  I will say that it is the most rewarding thing in my life.  I am so blessed to be the mother of two precious boys.  I love you guys.  

I am also blessed to have this lady as my mom.  Love you momma!

We went to Bert and Karen's for mother's day lunch.  Evan loves to play with Aunt Peggy. 

Granny and the men taking it easy!

Evan telling Aunt Peggy and Grandma Fern a big story.  All in all, it was a blessed mother's day.