Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Friday, February 20, 2015

A few Weekends ago

I have been so busy or just lazy (you can decide), but I haven't posted this blog yet.  We had so much fun a few weekends ago.  

We celebrated Karen's birthday (my MIL) and the boys had so much fun playing with their cousins. 

Evan loves this truck!

I loved how Luke helped little Grayson.

Grandma and all of her grandboys! They sure are fond of her and for good reason.

Luke also went to a birthday party and has so much fun.

As always, he made quick work of the bounce houses and slides.

Snow Day #3

Day 3 and it is back to work for me.  Our road looked awful and I was nervous driving it but I did good.  I am so ready for this snow to melt. I am also thankful that the boys were able to enjoy another day with their dad playing in the snow.

I took this picture to show how bad our road was; however, all I can see is the beauty within this picture.  God sure creates some beautiful scenes for our life.  

Snow Day #2

We spent snow day number 2 at the house and decided to build a snowman.  We were very glad to have Jeff at home with us this year (ha, I was glad I didn't have to try to build another snowman).

Luke learned how to roll the snow in order to build the snow man.  It is amazing how much help he was this year.

Evan had more interest in digging and playing with his toys.  

But he did such a good job digging the snow and had a blast.

Luke with the finished snow man.

Evan and our snow man.

Both of my angels did a good job and I think this snowman may stick around for several days. 

Snow day #1

We finally got a snow day and the boys were so excited (Maybe I was too).  So when it snows, we head to Bruno for fun.

Evan and I had a great time sledding (I promise).  You just have to ignore his facial expression in this picture. 

Jeff was in charge of driving the 4 wheeler pulling us all over the place.  He mostly did a good job with the exception of the one tree and almost big accident.

Grandma joined in the fun and her and Luke went for a ride.

Evan decided it might be warmer riding with Jeff and I can assure you that he got a lot less snow in his face.

Grandma and both of the boys!

Another picture of Evan and I but this time we were riding the 4 wheeler.

Jeff and his still my heart.  These three guys have my heart and bring me so much joy.

Pa and Luke decided they needed to do some "real" sledding.  Luke even learned how to sled all by himself and how to jump off when needed. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Battle of the Mind

Sorry I have been absent with regards to my dieting progress.  As typical for me, I have fallen off the weightloss wagon.  It seems easy to make excuses (it's too cold to run, I have been sick, I have been stressed, I am sick of dieting), there really isn't an excuse except that I just haven't made my health a priority.  I am just praying that in the near future, I can find it within myself and through the strength of our Lord that I overcome this battle.  Eating and worrying are two of my weakest areas and in both, I need to allow God to take control.  I have read so many books or at least started reading so many books but they don't tell me anything I don't already know.  Life is all about choices and I will sooner than later start making good choices for my health. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shred: Week 4

So week 4 is complete.  I haven't been following the diet to a "t" but have learned most of the principals.  I have also learned that I can't eat big meals anylonger (even if I want to).  Eating frequently and smaller portions has made it where I almost feel sick if I have one bite more than I should.  My body also doesn't seem to enjoy the junk that it used to love. For example, the diet called for a cup of spaghetti and meatballs and I physically couldn't make myself eat more than a few bites.  I still want sweets occasionally but would prefer fruit.  I crave veggies now and that is something I would have avoided in the past.  Anyhow, the results from this week are that I lost 2.4 lbs.  This brings my total weightloas in 4 weeks to 12.8 lbs.  I plan to finish out the next two weeks and I look forward to beginning to eat a little more normal but maintain the same principals. Until next week, happy Shredding!