Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day in our lives!

So I got this idea from Kelly's korner but thought it would be awesome to try. This is day 1 of a week in our lives and sorry there won't be pics bc I still can't figure it out.

12:30 am Evan woes up. I feed him and try to put him down in his crib, but no such luck. He cries and I am afraid he will start cough then struggle to breath so off to the recliner we go. We fall asleep.

5:00 am. Wow evan went a long time without eating; however, it has been a struggle to keep him asleep this whole time, so I did not sleep much.

6:30 am Luke joins us in the recliner. He is so cute bc he is carrying his plastic dog with him.

7:00 am evan starts crying and it has become a fight for space and my attention in the recliner. After diaper change, evan is happy so we rest a little longer and Luke watches Mickey mouse clubhouse.

8:15. I get up and get Luke breakfast, powdered donuts ( I know it is terrible but he loves them) and milk. He eats while I feed evan.

9:00 am we are off to grandma and pa's. They watched the kiddos while I ran o walmart! ( I am still not brave enough to take them with me).

10:30 I head back to pick up e boys. When I get there Luke wants me to hold him. I have to be honest, this melted my heart bc he usually starts crying when I come to pick him up.

11:00 am we put up groceries and then I feed evan. While I am feeding evan, Luke decides to help himself to the fridge. He pullsvoutbthe yogurt I bought ( which are six stuck together). He begins opening them all and eating the like candy.

12:00 fnally, Luke quits eating yogurt and I lay evan down for some mat time. Luke and I begin cleaning bathrooms. When I started cleaning yesterday, I realized that I did not have sufficient cleaning solutions, so today I am deep cleaning.

12:45 pm. The fight begins to get naps underway.

1:30 pm I begin folding the endless loads of laundry. I am not kidding, there are five loads here.

2:00 pm I give up, naps just aren't gonna happen today. Luke has ran all over the place and thinks it is fun to jump on clean laundry that has been folded. Time to feed evan again!

2:15. Decided to leave laundry for a bit and I just booked a mini vaca for jeff, Luke and me.

2:30 back to laundry. You see I have a bad habitbof cleaning laundry but never getting it put up. Every time I get it all put away, I swear I will never let it get like this again! Yeah right!

Since 2:30, I have put evan to sleep three times and his precious brother has woken him each time. Therefore, I am going to chill out in the recliner for bit. Luke just came in and I am wondering how a 2 year old learns to smart off. Every time I have said, "I said no!" he looks at me and replies with, " I said no!". Nice huh!

It is 4:30 and I have prepped supper so as soon as jeff gets home, I will cook it up. I usually try to have supper done before he gets here but then he needs to wind down from work so we end up eating without him. I am trying to time this better. On a side note, this evening should be interesting given that neither of my kiddos have slept much today.

5:00 well I started cooking even though jeff wasn't home. I ot supper cooking with the help of Luke and then fed evan.

6:00 we all it own to eat and jeff begins asking the blessing and both kiddos are crying, lol. Wouldn't trade our lives for anything. Jeff and Luke ended up eating together while I put evan down for a nap. Wow, it's only 6:30!

7:00 evan and I are just relaxing! It's almost bath time. I finally ate and cleaned up kitchen as well as dusted in living room. I am trying to dust one room a day, ugh. Luke has been begging for a bath all day bc i bought him some new bubble bath. The kid has totally unclothed himself five times today trying to get to his bubbles, lol. He is just so funny. As I sit here with Evan, I can hear the sweet sounds as Luke explains in great detail everything he is doing. They are in his room. Luke has started reallynplaying with the blocks his aunt steph got him. He builds them up as high as he can and then he wants Evan to come knock them over. It is so precious. I am realizing right now how much I wish i could attach photos tonthe events of the day.

7:45. Bath time! Luke is so good at washing himself. It is really impressive.

8:10 pm both kids are asleep with me in the recliner.

8:55 pm, jeff puts Luke in his bed and we finally sit down to watch "the voice". Of course it is recorded so hopefully we can get it all watched by 10 then feed evan and off o bed.

Luke doesn't normally go o bed thus early but I guess without a nap, he was worn out. Wow what a day! I knew our lives were busy but this seems crazy when you actually pay attention to all that goes on! Thank God for another day of life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank you

We are home, praise God!!! There are a few people we would like to say thank you to.

First, thanks to Bert and Karen for being amazing grandparents. Karen went with me when we found out evan was being put in hospital. She sat by my side while the nurses attempted three times to get an IV started. She also later made my favorite cookies and brought them to us at Children's. You are amazing mom!!! Bert surprised us by showing up after 10 while we were in ICU. He tried to get us to rest while he stood vigil over Evan ( I am certain he was praying over our little angel)!! He comforted us when they told us evan would be airlifted to children's and even made the trip that night/ morning. Additionally, bert kept Luke while Karen was with me and then Karen kept Luke through Sunday while bert was with us. Karen also took all of our laundry home and washed it. Amazing!!!

Secondly, my mom made a quick visit to mt home on Friday, in between preparing for a wedding. After the wedding was over, her and daddy drove down to little rock to visit and came back the next morning. Then, they went home to take over watching Luke. I think the honeymooners also helped out so thanks Adam and Cheryl.

While at mt home, Bro. Steve and Mrs. Judy came by to visit and pray for us. That meant so much to us. They also left with a souvenir!!!! While at children's, Bill and Carrie Butcher and Amy Stalls came by. It was so nice to see familiar faces.

Also, we would like to think our wonderful doctors here at home who knew what was best for our baby. Thanks Dr. Robinson and Dr. Lawrence. We also want to thank the amazing staff at children's.

A big thank you goes out to our wonderful brother, Dan, who came over and mowed our very large yard. It was such a relief to come home and not have to worry about this. Your amazing and we love you!

Thanks goes out to Charlie treece, who contacted a friend at children's and she brought us an amazing hogs quilt. We love it!!!!

Finally and most importantly, we want to say thanks be to God for His healing power. Our God is an amazing God. Also, thanks to all our friends and family who have been praying. God heard your prayers.

I hope we have not missed someone but there were just so many who reached out in our time of need and we are so thankful.

Update on Evan:

Evan is doing well. He is on an antibiotic and an inhaler. We can't be around too many people for a bit and he is not allowed to be around other babies for at least two weeks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

God's Amazing Power

Evan is doing so much better!! When we came to children's, he was on 30% vapor oxygen at a 4 liter flow. Now they have him on regular oxygen (21%) and they are trying him at 1 liter flow. The feeding tube is out and his color is better too. We are getting to hold him now and our joy is beyond words. The power of prayer has been so apparent the last few days. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, hopefully we'll be home in a few days.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

EVan rode a helicopter

Well bad got worse last night and Evan got to have his first helicopter ride and hopefully is last! At about 2:00 last night, they called the doc in and they did blood gas test. The doctor came and prepared us for the worse. He said once we got the test back we would determine a treatment plan but that we might have to be transferred to children's. After the test was done, evan was very upset so they let me hold him and sure enough he tore out his IV that took three tries to get. From that point on things just got worse. They determined it was the best option to send Evan to children's. The doctor said that evan was struggling to breath so much that at some point he would tucker out and they were not equipped to treat him if and when that happened. So between the time he pulled IV out and the helicopter came, they tried 5 or 6 more times to get IV back in. It was horrible!!!!!!! Finally, the pilot said they were five minutes out so the nurses gave up and just let nurses from children's do the IV once they arrived. Fortunately, they were able to get it in one try (praise the Lord)!!!

They loaded Evan up and we headed out. Let me tell you that our drive was the longest drive of my life. We are glad that evan is in such good hands and we know that God is an amazing healer. He is still continuing to labor as he breathes. He will get better and then worse, which is what they said would or could occur. At this point they are running more test because they aren't sure about the validity of the RSV test. They said nit would be at least 24 hours but regardless, his treatment is the same. We have no idea how long we will be here but we will be here as long as necessary to get our baby well. It continues to be hard to be away from Luke but I know he is in good hands. Karen is keeping him and my mom is going to take over tomorrow evening as Bert and Karen prepared to say goodbye to a wonderful, most Godly family member, Edith Williams. Please keep Glena Cruz, Linda Lane, and family in your prayers.

I will update again tomorrow or tonight depending on changes. Please continue to life Evan up in prayers and know that we are truly grateful and blessed by all your love, prayers, and support.

Friday, June 17, 2011


What a day!!!! Yesterday I took evan to the doctor because he had a little cough and while in the office, he started to get worse and went down hill quickly. By the time we saw the doc, he had a fever and wasnt breathing too great. The doc considered putting him in the hospital then but his X-rays looked okay so he figured we could take care of him at home. He scheduled us to come back in first thing this morning and evan had gotten worse so he admitted us to the hospital. Once we got here they did breathing treatments and checked vitals then we went for more X-rays. Once we got back to the room, the did a RSV test. Then began the horror of getting an IV started. After his nurse attempted to get it in each of his hands, she decided to call her boss. They gave evan a break and I got him calmed down. Then, they came back in and the head nurse was able to get it in his head. It is possible one the worst things I have ever seen (besides my brother after his brain surgery). They weren't able to get blood from the iv so they had to do that also. It took two tries to get a vein but they finally were successful. Needless to say, that is just the beginning of the story and our poor boy has been through a lot.
Finally, the doc came to visit and confirmed the evan had RSV and also had a touch of pneumonia. He also said we would probably be here till Monday (nice considering my brother gets married tomorrow and jeff and I are both in the wedding). I will get to that subject later. Anyhow, after several breathing treatments and antibiotics, his breathing seemed to be getting worse or at least more labored. So they put us in ICU. ICU is both good and bad...good because he has his own nurse that sits outside his room all the time, but bad because we don't have a bathroom in the room and they won't let us hold him. They are doing some type of vapor treatments through his oxygen and that seems to be helping a lot. Evan is finally asleep!!
Now to the wedding bit. I have really been struggling as to whether I stay with my baby or go to wedding. I know that Karen would stay with him and he would be fine but it is hard to imagine being away from him when he is like this. I still have not made my decision but regardless, I know that Adam and cheryl are going to have the most amazing day and I am so excited to have another sister. I am hoping that God will reveal to us whether or not we should go or stay.
Finally, I ask that you all please keep evan in your prayers and remember Luke also as I am sure he is sad thatch has to be away from his brother.
Speaking of Luke, I heard thatbhe had a big day with pa. They went to the dive shop, fed fish ( till pa ran out of money, so Luke said), and went to walmart. Thanks again to mynwonderful in-laws for taking care of our boy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ever since I graduated high-school, I have been a yo-yo dieter. I would weigh myself at least twice a day just hoping I had not gained any weight. I realize that this behavior was completely crazy! It seems that in our lives, the most important thing is how we look which is all wrong. The only reason our physical appearance should be a concern is if we are unhealthy and that's because we should be caring for the temple of God. We were beautifully made for his purpose and therefore we should care for our bodies; however, society has put so much pressure on us to look a certain way. Anyhow, I say all of this to say that for the first time in my life, I don't have a scale in my house. I am trying to eat more healthy and eat less and I have no clue whether or not the number on the scale is going down. I went to walmart the other day to buy a new battery for my scales and I guess it wasn't in God'S plans for me to know my weight. I feel like my clothes are starting to fit better and I am starting to slowly feel better about my outward appearance. I would like to know how much I have lost but i am thinking this new approach may work great. In life does it really matter what our number on a scale is? The answer is certainly NO!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

SUYL special need children

As a special education teacher, I currently have 17 students who I love as my own. They have a wide range of disabilities but I refuse to let those disabilities become who they are. Each of these children have names and a purpose. I am determined to help each of them reach their full potential and goals in life. My purpose for posting on this issue is to offer my services to those with questions or problems in regards to education and your child's rights. If I can help you or your family in any way, please feel free to contact me. My God bless your children and families as I know the struggles you must endure each day. Seek comfort in THE ONE who loves us most!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry no pictures

I have been trying for a few weeks to get pictures to post to my blog but I have not had any luck so hopefully words will be enough for now!!!

Since my last post, we welcomed Evan Ross Benton into our lives. He was 7 lbs 1oz and 19 3/4 inches long. He looks so much like his brother, it is a bit scary!!!! He is now 5 weeks old and he is sleeping in his own crib and last night slept for 4 1/2 hours before waking up to eat. You have been a little crabby lately but overall, you enjoy sitting in you C pillow and relaxing. You are a pig and want to eat all the time. You still aren't sure about your brother and I am certain that you are gonna have to be a really tough boy bc your big bro is pretty tough on you. you like to sleep against my chest which is my most favorite way to hold you! Our family now feels so complete since your arrival!! You amaze me by your ability to hold your neck up so well! At you one week appointment, you weighed 7 lbs 5 ounces and you were 21 niches long! My scale is broke so I sadly have no idea how much you weigh.

Luke has been adjusting to having a little brother around. He has been pretty good about it so far and loves his bubba so much. You are about to be 2 1/2 years old and I am so amazed by your vocabulary and language skills. I hear from time to time repeating things younhave hard mom or dad say. Today, you were in Evan's room and I heard you talk to God and ask him to help you like you have heard me do when I get strewed out! You talk to Evan like you expect a response and it just makes my heart melt. You are an amazing big brother and I know you willnalways take good care of your bubba!!!

Since having Evan, I have been very busy! Jeff had to go right back to work after we got out of hospital so it has been very crazy. Thankfully, I have an amazing set if in-laws who have been there to help anytime I needed them. I have been trying hard to be a good mom but it is a struggle at times and can be a little stressful but I am starting to adjust to having two boys who need my attention all the time. I even managed to bake an apple pie today. I finally feel like I am catching up on sleep and now I can take advantage of nap time to get some things done! I honestly had a pretty hard recovery after Evan's birth and his birth (via c-sexton) was pretty rough on me. Poor kiddo did not want to come out so I was anlittle beaten up!!, praise God that I had a wonderful doctor who was able to get evan out safely!!! The last few weeks have been busy trying to put on wedding shower and help my future sil get the wedding details worked out!!! I have also been on a major mission to drop enough weight to get into my bridesmaid dress. It almost zipped up today so hopefully in the next 10 days I will make it!!!!!

Jeff has been very busy at work which is normal this time of year. It is always a little rough because I get my vacation time when he is too busy for vacation. I am confident that one day we will be able ti take a vacation together but we have many years, God willing, to take vacations. Jeff recently had to be our of town for six days and Let me tell you that I now understand why God created ADAM AND EVE!!!! I do not envy single mothers and they must be strong women!!! I spent as much time as I could with my inlaws and my parents which helped make the week go by much more quickly!

Well there is much more that I need to update on but I am gonna save that for another day! Thank you Lord for my wonderful family and all your blessings!!!