Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Saturday, March 24, 2012


We have had a lot of fun this spring break. I finished another class, we welcomed Keyton into the world, and played hard. It rained a lot this week but we made the best of it. On Monday, we had a play date at the Arm's house. They have a great trampoline and both kiddos had a blast. On Tuesday, Keyton was born. On Wednesday, we took Brilee home and the boys got to meet Keyton. On Thursday, we just played at the house. On Friday, we played, ate lunch with Jeff and went to Walmart. Sadly, Jeff had to go to a visitation for his friend Greg's dad. We are certainly praying for this family because Greg didn't just suffer the lose of his father, he lost his best friend. I have thought a lot about how special their relationship was and I can only hope that my children grow up and think of their father as their best friend. Finally, today we decided to spend the day in Pyatt since Jeff is out of town. We ate breakfast at a little place down town and it reminded me of my early childhood. Then we went to Nana and Pop pops. They were headed out but I figure we would get to spend time with Keyton an I was right. Now we are home after a long day and I am about to put boys down. I love these kids and I am so blessed .

Evan and his precious smile.

Evan loved the trampoline.

Luke smiling and saying Daddy please get me one of these!

Luke, Brilee, and Keyton!

Evan enjoying his new swing!

Luke's big boy seat!

Luke riding his first bike. Okay so it is a girl bike. It he did so good.
Mackenzie and her mom in the background!

God's handy work!

Okay so there were a lot of random pictures but we have had a blast!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday, my precious nephew entered the world! I received a text about 2:19 am. I tried to figure out how I could head to the hospital but now that I am a mom, I have my responsibilities. Anyhow, I decided to wait until Karen could watch the boys for me. I had this great plan to sneak in just in time to see him born; however, I missed it by 4 minutes. Oh well, I was able to see him within 5 minutes of birth and it was so neat. I had C-sections with my boys so I had to wait a long time to see my kids. I really had no idea what they did with babies in the first two hours of their life. I think Keyton looks alot like Adam but he has a lot of hair and it is dark just like Cheryl's.

A Picture of Daddy holding the baby and mom looking on. I couldn't believe that Keyton was just looking around everywhere.

Aunt Gwen give this angel some love.

Brilee was not sure about her brother at first. Adam went and got her from daycare and she was at nap so she was a little sleepy at first. I decided to take her to Walmart and out to eat and then we headed back to the hospital. She was really excited to see her brother upon our return.

Adam and Cheryl just a few minutes after Keyton's arrival. Cheryl was a trooper. She was asleep and the nurse came in and said that she was going to check her. When she did, she simply said, "Okay we are about to have a baby." Good thing the Doctor was there because Cheryl only had to push three times and Keyton made his grand entrance. He was 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18 inches long. He is a little bundle of joy.

Look at this kid, he is just looking at his Daddy.

Anyhow, I brought Brilee home with me but before we came home, we visited with her mom, dad, and brother. I wish I would have snapped a shot of Cheryl because she was walking around the room all dressed in her normal clothes. I think if they would have let her, she would have left and headed home within minutes of Keyton's birth.


I have been meaning to blog about Killion and baby Boston. Luke has been really looking forward to meeting Boston. My kids have been going to Killions since she found out she was pregnant so it has been a long wait for Luke. As Killion got closer to delivery, Luke decided that he was going to go to the hospital with her. Of course, that could not happen but the kid was determined. He has been with her to almost all of her doctor appointments, including the one where she found out what she was having. So on the day that Killion was scheduled to have Boston, Luke went to Grandma and Pa's house. I told him that as soon as I got home, we would go see Boston. Well, Boston was being a bit difficult for his mommy so by the time we reached the hospital, Boston had not arrived. Let me tell you, explaining that to a three year old was not fun. Fortunately, we decided to go eat and took a few of Killion's brothers with us and that made Luke happy. While we were eating, we got a call that Boston had arrived and that Killion wanted us to pick her up a pizza LOL.

There were honestly 30 people in the waiting room when we got back to the hospital. Dalton, Killion's husband, came out and told us all to come in. I just looked at him and said, "all of us?" I decided to let Dalton take Luke in and I would wait. Once I finally got back there, the picture is how I found Luke.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My little worker

Luke is 3 years old and loves life. He is kind of wild and rarely slows down for anything. Luke is 36 1/2 inches tall and weighs 30.5 pounds. You sure are growing and becoming a handsome young boy. You favorite thing to do is to work. Wednesday night on the way to church, we talked about what you wanted to be when you grow up. I told you that you could be anything you wanted to be: a lawyer, a doctor, a policeman, a firefighter, a teacher, or anything!! Your response was well thought out. You say, "um, I am going to be a farmer man or a house tear downer or a house builder upper." For some reason, I believe that you will be all of those things.

Sometimes, I let Luke play in the garage until Daddy gets home. He came in the house at one point and grabbed the tape (hid it thinking I would not see). When I finally went out to check on him, the above picture is what I found. I asked him what he was doing and his response was, "I am working, Mom." So I snapped a few more pics and left him to his work.

Look how strong my working boy is. He lifted all the wood for this project on his own.

And this is the final masterpiece. I love this kid so much and as I write this post about how much you enjoy working, you are outside helping your father build a flower bed and clean up the yard. Occasionally, you will take a break and ride around the yard on your four-wheeler but for the most part, you just work.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I know that everyone has had a Grandpa at some point in their lives. I must say that I have a great Grandpa. He has always been so loving. I watched him for many years with my grandma. He did such an amazing job caring for and proving for his family. When my grandma got sick, it absolutely crushed him. You see they had been married for many years, had 8 children, and more grandchildren than one person could possible count. Well grandpa took such amazing care of grandma while she was sick. After she passed, we worried so much about him. He would literally mow the yard daily just to have something to keep his mind busy.

Finally, grandpa met someone. I will be honest, it was hard for the entire family to accept that there was someone other than grandma in his life. BUT, you should see grandpa!!! He is so happy now. He loves to take care of people and now he has his wife that he can care for and she him. Recently, grandpa has been having some health issues. He has honestly scared me so bad a few times that now when my mom calls, I have to take a deep breath before I can answer. I know that grandpa is getting older and let's be honest, no one can live forever... except in heaven!! So I know that grandpa will continue the good fight because he still has a lot to live for here on earth. I am so thankful that God has not seen fit to take him from us. For now, we will enjoy every minute we have together. I love you Grandpa!!!

Baby Bennett is Home

Wow, Baby Bennett and his parents received a long hospital vacation. But he is finally home and we got to go visit him. He is so precious.

I just love those cute chubby cheeks and there is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby!

Here is the Big brother, Landon. I think he is crazy about his brother but today, he was a bit more excited to see his buddy Luke. Not sure he felt the same by the time we left, LOL. Those two fight like brothers.

Well it is good thing I don't plan on having any more children because Evan is a very jealous child. Every time I held Bennett or got near him, Evan would try to get him. Evan and Luke's baby sitter is having a baby soon so I hope that Evan is nice to Baby Boston.

And last but not least, the oldest buddies just playing around. I just love these two boys so much!!


Wow, Evan sure has grown in the last few months. He is now 10 months old. He is starting to stand on his own and has taken a few steps. He usually gets frightened and then falls down but we are certain he will be walking everywhere in the next few weeks. You are still wearing Size 3 diapers. You weigh 22.5 pounds and are 27 inches long. I am certain you are going to be one big ol' boy.

Evan Sure loves his brothers trampoline.

I am not sure I have ever seen a kiddo look so cute when he wakes up.

Evan at Grandma and Pa's house just begging me to pick him up.

Awe, I can stand on the trampoline and I even try to jump (off sometimes).

This picture isnt very clear but Evan loves anything that belongs to his brother. These are his brother's mud boots (that were suppose to be in the garage). Evan was trying to lift them up to his mouth.

The last 10 months have been so wonderful haaving you in our lives. You bring us more joy than you may ever know. We love you Evan!