Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A constant battle

In our house, we are constantly fighting MRSA! About a year and two months ago, Luke had to spend several nights in hospital fighting this terrible infection. His best buddy Landon has had it several times but has been Staph free since may!!! Praise God for that. My niece, Maci has started getting Staph frequently too. We normally just start putting bactriban on any spot that appears and for the most part, we have been pretty lucky. This past week Luke had a spot on him and I started treating it as soon as I noticed it. By yesterday morning, he had another spot on his knee and one on his face in addition to the other one on the back of his leg. I decided that we were going to have to get an antibiotic in order to beat this round. I hate putting him on antibiotics because I don't won't his body to become used to them an then not work if we get into something serious. Well anyhow, it was out only option this time. So after I got one dose of meds in him, we headed home to eat lunch, then nap. After he woke up from nap, I looked at his knee and it really frightened me. His entire knee cap was swollen. I became very nervous and we began preparing Luke to go to the ER. Of course he remembers or last visit to te hospital so this did not go over so well. All he could say is that he did not want to get poked again. Last time, they had to try several times to get his IV going and he also had all his spots cut open without and pain meds. He is a tough boy but that was a lot of pain to put a kiddo through. Anyhow, we went and at first the nurse ticked me off because she gave me the whole, "the meds take some time to work" speech. I wanted to say, " you have to be kidding me.". This isn't my first rodeo and I am not an idiot! I know meds take a while to work but I also know that my kids knee cap was extremely swollen and that the infection was moving through it. Finally we saw the doc and he tried to make us feel better about the situation saying, " I see Staph everywhere these days.". He also told us that we needed to double the amount of antibiotics.

I am glad to report the kiddo is doing much better.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wrestling with Daddy

Oh how my boys love to wrestle! They love to jump on their daddy. They also like to fight with each other in a playing manner and a not so playing manner. I particularly love when Luke comes to tell me how Evan is hurting him. Too funny but sadly, this may be Luke's fate. Evan seems as though he may outgrow Luke. I know our days on earth are certain to be limited but I can guarantee what time we have left here, will be spent with my two boys loving and wrestling each other. So blessed for these bundles of joy and for their father who is so willing to let them beat him up!

Hard working men

Yesterday and today, Jeff and his father have worked to replace a door jam and make a few minor repairs around the house. Luke is all about working if he gets to be outside. So, he handed tools to the "working men" as he calls them. After they were finished, Luke wanted to practice his drilling skills. I was so proud of him. He worked so hard and did a great job. Next, he decided they needed to work on their baseball skills! My boys are just good all around kiddos!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Okay, our precious Evan needs your prayers this week! On Friday, we will be visiting an orthopedic specialist. Evan began walking when he was around 10 months old. I noticed he was pretty pidgin toed but figured he would grow out of it soon. Well he has not and to make matters worse, I noticed that he was dragging the tops of his feet. If I was not in the field I am in, I probably would have just blown this off. So, I asked one of the Occupational therapists I work with, if I should be too concerned. She said it sounded concerning to her so I decided to contact one of my Physical therapist friends. She watched Evan walk and said that at least half the time, he was dragging his right foot. She also tried to measure his leg lengths and was pretty sure his left leg was measuring a little shorter. She also notes that Evan stands in a way that he puts most of his weight on one foot. She recommended that we go see an orthopedic specialist to get a full evaluation. We go on Friday. Worst case for us will be that Evan will
Be required to wear some type of braces and or insert in his shoes. Best case, will be that everything is okay. I will keep everyone updated but in the meantime I just ask that you pray for our sweet baby! Thanks!