Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Friday, November 15, 2013

This and That

What a great time we have been having in the Benton house.  The kids are so excited about fall and continue to talk about what they want to be next year for Halloween.  It seems that they have yet to realize that Christmas is just around the corner.

Luke was very excited to get to go hunting with his dad for the first time.  He loved it but was bummed they did not get a dear.  I figure that just means they will have to go back for more fun.
Evan wasn't very excited that he was not going with the boys.  Jeff keeps telling him that he knows exactly how he feels being the youngest boy. 

Compliments of Barry Price, we have a family photo.  The boys loved trick-or-treating at his house because he gave out good candy and two dollar bills.

I was excited to go watch my niece play ball lastnight.  She is number one.  I havent got to see her in four or five years and I cant believe how grown up she is.
She is in 8th grade and based on warm-ups, she is going to be quite the baller.

Random picture here but I think me and the boys will make these very soon to get into the Christmas spirit.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Halloween

Well Halloween has passed and Luke is still coming up with all the things he wants to be next year.  So far, he wants to be: an army man, a real spider man, and the Lone Ranger.

For this year, Luke was a "real" roping cowboy and Evan was a "fake" spider man. 

Evan really didn't care much about wearing his mask except when he was about to go up to a house.  Once they showed him the candy, his mask was off. 

Luke was really ready to rope himself come candy. HA!

Luke, Landon, and sweet Lela all decked out for the fall festival at church.

Even Pa decided to get into the festivities.  Check out that mustache.

Luke also had his fall festival at school.  I decided to take the day off so I could attend.  He had a great time and scored a ton of candy.

Luke with his friends waiting to play a game.

After Luke's fall festival, we went an had lunch.  He insisted on getting on the saddle.  I suppose that it was fitting given his costume. 

Celebrating 7 years of marriage

I am blessed to have been given an amazing man. 
I am blessed to have been given a man who loves God above all else.
I am blessed to have a man who puts his family before the things of this world.

I am blessed to have a man who is a great father and role model for his children and loves to play Army men with them.

I am blessed to have a man who is willing to lead our children in the way they should go.

I am blessed to have a man who loves me unconditionally. 

I am blessed to be married to my best friend. 

I am blessed to have spent the last seven years married to you.
I love you!

Monday, November 4, 2013

A beautiful fall day

Fall time in Arkansas is so beautiful.  The boys love to be outside and the views around our house are amazing.  This past weekend, Jeff was working so we  enjoyed some time playing in the yard. 

Luke and Evan playing by the tree.

Luke preparing to take a nice fall nap under the tree. 

Further into his fake nap.

A little selfie after trying to run.  I tried on my treadmill with no success then I decided to run around the yard.  After both kids crying and chasing after me, I gave up and sat down to enjoy the view.

The boys and I decided to make the Pioneer Woman's marshmallows.   We had a fun, messy time. 

The beauty that God has so graciously given to us. 

Sunday blessings

Jeff was once again working so we decided to have some Sunday fun. The boys wanted to take some pictures so here they are.  I am so blessed to have these boys. 

Me and my two boys with our big smiles. 

My new hair do.  So far, this is my favorite.  Rhianna's House of Hair is the place to go.

The boys were ready for another picture.  Luke was trying so hard to keep his brother nice and steady for this picture.

Evan is all kicked back and relaxing, while Luke is running so quickly I couldn't really catch him.

I love this precious kids so much  They are so handsome.

Picture time was over and the boys were ready to play or as Luke puts it, "work."

Evan decided to hunt some deer.  You cant really tell but that is a deer in the floor that he shot.