Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Short update

Well it has been a long time since my last blog and there is so much to update on. I only have a short time so let me be brief. Luke is one month shy of 3 years old. I honestly can't believe how he is growing. He is so excited about Christmas and has started working on his list for Santa(boots, belt, and a BB gun)! He will have to wait on the BB gun!! He is in the why stage and has learned how to throw a fit. So we are having a good time with this stage. We did make a big step this week, he has started watching TV! Praise the Lord for something that does not require me to entertain him 24/7.

As far as Evan goes, he is about to be 7 months old and I am going to attempt to put a video on here to update you on what he has been up to. I have a little trouble getting pictures/ videos to show up where I want them so I apologize. As you can hopefully see, he is crawling and has started pulling up on everything. He now has three words in his vocab: dada, mama, and bub-bub. He weighs 19.12 lbs(68%) and is 28 1/2 inches long (88%). He is growing like crazy and has two teeth. He has decided that sleep should not occur for 8hours straight which is starting to wear on us but he is so precious, we forgive him.

Well that is all for now. Hope to get things caught up so I can blog more but life is crazy. One last note, since having Evan and starting a new job, have managed to drop 16lbs. I still have a ways to go but I am very excited at my progress and very thankful for Jeff holding me accountable.

Well so much for video. I will update later with video! With any luck, I have figured out how to add a video. Hope everyone enjoys.