Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I don't post frequently enough about the great steps and achievements in which my kids have been making so today it is all about Evan.  Evan you are 2 years and 5 months old.  You currently weigh 28 lbs and are growing so much.  You are wearing 3T pants and shirts.  You still have little feet and currently wear size 7 shoes.  Here are some of the cute things you say and do:
  • When you get sent to your room and you want to come out, you always say "Can I be good?"
  • When you taste something that you really like, you say "that is delicious!"
  • You love to tackle and can honestly take your brother to the ground
  • You and Luke fight all the time, for fun and for meaness
  • Everytime your movie is over in the car, you say "my movie is all over, change it"
  • You are in a bit of a crying phase and want to be held alot
  • You love to watch Disney Channel on my I-Phone and I-pad
  • You can count to 10, say your ABC's, and sign the days of the week song
  • You can sing "The itsy bitsy spider" and "Jesus Loves Me"
  • You love to give me eskamo kisses, grab my cheeks and give me big kisses
  • You literally want to do anything that your brother does, good or bad
  • You are almost potty trained with the exception of #2.  You probably could wear underwear all night because you have been staying dry.  I am so proud of you!
  • Every morning you wake me by screaming, crying and saying, "get me out of my crib!"
  • When someone ask you a question, you answer, "yes I may can!"


Luke you are 4 years and 10 months old.  God bless your heart, you still only weigh 36 pounds.  You are eating alot better and love to drink milk again.  You are going to preschool now and learning so much.  You still hate taking naps and are looking forward to Kindergarten so you no longer have to sleep at school.  Here are some of the cute things you are doing right now:

  • You love and are making a lot of progress in learning but most impressive is the fact that you can do the same activity for 45 minutes straight
  • You still love books and get so excited about getting new ones
  • You can count to 30 but when you get to 20 you start saying "number 1, number 2, etc instead of 21, 22, etc) 
  • You say your ABC's very well now
  • You can write your name so good and I am so proud of you
  • You ride your bike more now and are doing really well
  • You really want to learn how to rope and you enjoy practicing
  • You still love to do "work" outside and even wanted to wear your work clothes to school today
  • You love to pray at dinner and do such a good job.  You always pray for everyone to be safe and never forget to pray for anyone that you hear is sick.
  • You really like to aggravate your brother and enjoy trying to get him in trouble
  • You have started a little habit of making stories up.  We have been trying to explain to you that you can't lie.  I realize this is partially our fault because we have always told you stories at night and made up crazy things.
  • You love to help me in the kitchen and always want your chore to be cooking.  Last night, you washed dishes for me and really did a good job.
  • You want to be a Cowboy for Halloween and pretty much every other day
  • You have really started to like taking showers (except for the part when the water gets in your face, LOL)
  • You are amazing at inventive reading.  You will take a book and based on what we have read in the past and the pictures, you read. 
  • While at the hog's game the other day, you kept wanting to cheer for the other team.  I told you they were the enemy and you wanted to know why.  It was so funny!
  • You know all your colors but still have trouble telling the difference between brown and black.
  • We have tried to remove a lot of sugar from your diet because it makes you very "excited."  You are taking it really well.
  • I am starting to think you are going to be a weatherman because each morning you want to discuss the clouds and whether or not it will rain.  Yesterday it was still dark when we left the house and you explained to me that it was very cloudy and it would probably rain.  You were correct!
  • You went to the fall festival at Bruno-Pyatt and wanted Ethan to take you through the haunted hallway.  You came out telling me how it wasnt scary at all, then on the way home you told me the truth. 
  • You still hate mornings and dont want to get dressed.  You ask the same thing each morning, "is it a school day, stay at home day or church day?" 
  • You love going to Church and always want to eat with your buddy Landon every week.  Its like you guys go into Sunday school class and devise a plan to convince us to take you to eat. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

This and That

A lot of fun things have been going on around the Benton house.  Jeff has been teaching Luke how to rope.  It is a pretty slow process but Luke loves it.  Evan also wants to learn but spends more time crying than not.

Jeff even cut down one of his old ropes to better fit Luke. 

Luke practicing what he has been taught.

Evan got a haircut and as usual, he cried through the entire thing.  Poor boy better learn to like haircuts because there are alot more in his future. HA!

Uncle Dan and Aunt Stephie had baby Grayson.  He is just perfect and the boys cant wait to get their hands on him. They got to facetime with him and loved it so much. 

I went to the hospital and got my first chance to hold him.  He just melts my heart and makes our family complete. 

Finally, my wonderful cousin Kevin (the one on the right) had his second surgery on his brain.  He is doing very well and our family can't Praise God enough for bringing him through yet another battle.  Please continue to pray for him as he continues to heal, recover and prepare for future treatment. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Razorback Game

So this past Saturday, we went to the Razorback Football game.  I hope this will be the first of many Hog games for our family.  Luke hated pretty much everything about it:  the long road trip, the long walk up the hill, the three hours of sitting in the same spot.  He did love a few things:  going to the bathroom every five minutes, the nachos, and the diet coke I allowed him to drink.

Jeff explaining to Jeff all that was about to occur in the game.  Little did he know that we were about to get killed in the game.

Notice the huge crowd and everyone cheering in the background.  At this point, we were still in the game.  This was within the first 7 minutes, HA!

Now notice the crowd, there is hardly anyone left.  This was the 3rd quarter and we were being beat badly

While we were at the game, Evan was playing at Pa and Grandma's house.  It was a fun weekend and I love making memories with my boys.  

Hay Ride

Sunday night we attended the Bruno Baptist hayride.  My Brother-in-law is the pastor at Bruno Baptist and they are kind enough to invite my kiddos each year.  This was the first year that Jeff and I both attended also.  It was such a beautiful ride through the back roads of Bruno.  It is such a blessing to see the amazing views and blessings that The Lord has given to us.

Luke and Ethan had a great time.  Luke always tries to do everything Ethan does.  

Several people who were also on the hayride.

Me and Evan

Evan just chilling out.

Aunt Collette and Brilee

Aunt Cheryl and Keyton

Jeff and Evan

After the hayride, we had great fellowship by eating chili and hot-dogs.  We finished the evening outside making smores and playing.  The kids has a really wonderful day.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Brilee Turns 4

My sweet little niece, Brilee turned four.  She is so precious to our family and such a smart little girl.  Sorry Brilee that this post is almost 2 months late. 

Cute cupcakes from the cake shop.  You should have seen the kids and adults faces from the black icing. 

Brilee opening up gifts. 

Of course, Aunt Gwen would have won the prize for the best gift; however, her pa made her a bed.  It was so amazing. 

Pineteas are becoming a new family thing.  The kids love them.

Cousin Maci got all decked out for the party.

Cousin love

Cousin fights

Luke was soaked after playing in the water.  But he enjoyed himself.

Evan sure loves to be outside and play.  I just love his little smile.

My boys, looking cute but up to no good.  Thanks Brilee for having us over to enjoy such a wonderful party.  We love you!

Baby Shower and parade!

A few weeks ago, Luke rode in his first parade (if you dont count sitting on dad's lapp while pulling a boat in Turkey Trot).  All the kiddos in his preschool road the float and dressed up like cowboys.  For Luke, that was easy.  The crazy kiddo wants to wear jeans and boots everyday.  We did decide to go get him a cowboy hat to complete the attire.

He looks so grown up and handsome.

After the parade, we met up with Dan, Steph and the boys.  It will likely be the last meal before Baby Grayson comes.  The boys are so excited and we try to talk to them each night about how tiny Grayson is going to be and how they need to be gentle. 

Speaking a Baby Grayson, I went to Steph's shower a weekend or two ago.  She got so many cute things and her friends did a great job of decorating.  I was able to snap a quick picture of her and she just makes a precious pregnant person. 

I am not real crafty but put what skills I have to work.  I made this Canvas for the Baby.  The coolest part is that the picture frame is velco so she can change the pictures out if she dares to put this up. 

Of course, I am a huge football person so I had to grab Grayson a football onesie.  

Steph's amazing diaper cake and it had so many great things attached.

Finally, the coolest shower sign I have ever seen. We are so excited to have another Benton boy in that family and cant wait to meet this precious gift.