Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Monday, September 26, 2011


Today you are 4 months and 23 days old. You went for your 4 month shots and check up today. You only cried for a few seconds after getting your shots and Killion said you acted great today. I am so thankful that your shots don't seem to bother you. I remember Luke being pretty grouchy when he would get his. Here are you stats from your appointment:

Length: 28 inches- 98%
Weight: 17 lbs- 71%
head: 17 1/2 inches -88%

Things you are doing:

You can roll over from both directions but occasionally get stuck on your belly. You smile all the time. You chatter all the time and it sounds a lot like you are saying dada dada. Every morning when I drop you off at Killion's, you get so excited to see her. You occasionally sleep through the night but you like your food so you usually wake up long enough to eat. You just got your first tooth and I think you are working on another. You like to play with toys and you like to play music on mommys I-pad. You find it so funny when your bubba is getting in trouble lol.

We all love you so much and we are so thankful for you.

PS. I wish that in had this blog when Luke was little so that I could compare their stats but oh well.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Jesus is in my heart"

I know that everyone thinks that their child is the smartest, most amazing child on Earth, but Luke really is!!!!! This post is mainly so I never forget some of the things Luke has been saying lately. First, let just say that luke's Sunday school teacher have certainly been teaching my boy about Jesus!!! On our way home Sunday night after church and after dinner with the Huskey's, Luke Said to me, "mom Jesus is in my heart". I said, " yes son he is!". He then asked, " why is Jesus in my heart?". I just told him that if we loved Jesus, he was in our hearts. I also told him that Jesus loves us. He then said, "I love Jesus and I want to see him!". I told him that Jesus was in heaven. It was at that point that my little baby boy started crying and screaming, " I want to go to heaven, I want ti see Jesus!". He said this over and over again till we got home. By the time we got to the house, I was nearly in tears. Part of me was amazed at the conversation and the level of understand he could have of these sometimes difficult topics but the other part of me kept thinking " I hope this is not God preparing me for something.".

Since this time, we have continued to say our morning prayers on the way to the sitters, at meals, and at night before bed. Each time, he has said, "I love Jesus and/or he is in my heart". I just melt each time. He has a lot to learn about the love of Jesus and what it truly means to have Jesus in your heart but I know without a doubt that the kiddo loves Jesus as much as a two year can love anyone.

Luke tries my patiences sometimes and has become quite a smarty pants but I love him so much and I know that he will grow into a wonderful man, husband and big brother. God has blessed this family in so many ways, but one of the best ways was when he gave us Luke.