Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's about to get crazy

Well I am taking a few minutes to relax (via pedicure) before life gets crazy again. Things are going great with the new job but it is really busy. I have been doing school visits and trying to learn the ropes. Monday I am going out if town for a few days therefore, I have been trying to get things done around the house this weekend. So far I have managed to do about five loads of laundry, empty dishwasher, and wash all the bed clothes. With school starting there is a lot that I have to get done at work and my first class starts. I think that for the next two months I am going to live off of caffeine. Jeff is about to start more photo shoots so he is going to be super busy as well. It's a busy life but I love it and God is good.

On to the kiddos: Luke is still growing so much. He has had fun the last two weeks playing with the Huskeys while I was at work. He got to go fishing last weekend with Bert and Jeff. He loved it so much and I hear he even caught a fish. He has a major attitude lately and it has honestly been a struggle at times. I read this blog about our preachers daughter and her family. She is always talking about how head strong her daughter is. I read her stories and I think that her and Luke are two of a kind. I love the kid but his fits could make the most patient person scream, lol. His fits remind me of when he was in the hospital. When he was in pain and they were working on him, we would tell him that they were almost done and he would scream, " they are done, they are all done!". Poor baby, I love him so much!!!
Evan had his two month check up, a month late. He was 12 1/2 pounds and 25 inches long. He is such a big baby compared to Luke. He has started smiling a lot and loves to watch tv (nothing like his brother in that manner). He likes to sit up and look around and can hold his neck up very well. He has slept through the night twice. He has been crying a lot less now and I think we may finally have the right formula.

Good news for friends and family this week. Congrats to our good friends Matt and Becky on their engagement. Congrats to my baby brother and his wife, they are expecting. Congrats to another one of our friends too on their baby news.

In close, I ask that you please remember one of my fellow teaching friends. Her precious new baby, Garrett went to be with the Lord. I am sure they would appreciate your prayers.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suyl kellyskornr

This week on kellyskorner, it is all about how you told people you were expecting. With Luke, we had only tried for one month. I didn't tell jeff that I suspected that I was pregnant. I went to walmart and bought test just to keep around in case we needed them and I thought I would just see if I were pregnant or not. It was really too early for me to have to many signs of pregnancy but I thought I would take a test anyhow. Much to my surprise, it said the word pregnant. I ran out of the bathroom and pretty much shoved it in jeff's face. His response was " what is that?". I suppose he had never seen one before and honestly didn't have a clue. Once I explained, he was excited but didn't trust the test so I took another. Here's where the story get interesting. I took this test on a Saturday. That night, Lindsay and lance, our best friends came over. They told us their big news, they were pregnant. I knew I was too but jeff did not want to tell anyone until after we went to the doctor. She then told me her due date, jan 5th and it took everything I had not to scream bc that is what the computer said was my due date! After we finally went to doc, we called my parents. Then, we went to dinner with my fil and mil. We met dan and steph in Harrison. We told bert and Karen on the way and then told everyone else from there. Oh and lindsay and lance had their precious Landon just a few short hours before Luke was born. Oh yes, they have the same birthday!!!

With evan, I was standing in church during song service when I looked over at jeff and told him I was pregnant. It wasn't until about three weeks later that I was able to take a test and sure enough it was positive. I had taken about three test before I got a positive one. Jeff was working a photo shoot so I sent him a text with the picture of the test. I then went for a girls day with my mom, sister, and sil. As usual, jeff would not let me tell anyone till we went to the doc. So I ate and shopped with my fam and couldn't even tell them the news lol! After my doc appointment, we went and told bert and Karen who were watching Luke and then I went to razorback ribs with my family for dinner and I told everyone. They were so surprised.

I am so lucky to have two amazing boys and I love them so much!

Life back to normal!

Luke is home, Evan seems better since the discovery of something called gripe water ( the bottle says " mother's bliss" ), and I started my new job! What a week it has been. This is always jeff's most busy time of year and my least favorite time of year. Summers use to be my favorite but since we have had children, it just messes with the routine. We are a very routine family!!!

Luke's boo-boos look so much better but the poor baby is gonna have a few scars. I guess for a guy, that just adds character! He had a great week once he got out of the hospital because hisvpa came back home after being on a mission trip. I had to go out of town so the boys went to grandma and pa's. Thanks guys for all your help!

Karen did some research while she had the boys and we are both convinced evan has colic. The poor baby cries all the time and very few things make him feel better. I just love him so much but this momma hasn't slept much since his arrival. We have started putting cereal in his bottle at night and have been doing the gripe water. He hasn't been crying as much but he hasn't slept for longer than 3 hours at a time at night.

This was my first week of work at my new job. I love how fast paced it is. The day just flies by and I love it. I also love my office and the decor that I bought. I am learning alot but mainly, I am doing prep work and getting ready for the next few weeks of serious learning.

Anyhow, that is a little update on our family. I am going to work on getting some pics posted soon. One more note, I am about to head to my bff's wedding and I am so excited or them. Congrats penny and James!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

He never gives us more than we can handle but it is close sometimes!

I have always been taught that The Lord won't give you more than you can handle. Well, all I can say is that we are getting close. The only thing that is helping me get through this is knowing God is holding us close and then I think of so many people who have lost their children or can't have kiddos or those who have children with cancer. When I think of these things, I realize how lucky we have been. If you have been reading my post, you know that Evan was sick with RSV about 3 weeks ago and we had to spend 4 nights in the hospital. Well since then, we have been so worried about keeping him healthy. Now, it is Luke's turn. On Tuesday I took him to walmart clinic to have a rash checked. He had some type of yeast rash and he had some other spots that looked like bug bites. On Thursday, I took him to Dr. Robinson because the bug bites looked a lot like the staph pics my friend had sent from when he son had them a while ago. He confirmed that he thought they were in fact staph so we began treating them with antibiotics, cream and baths. None of which he liked much. On Friday, I went to my first day of my new job. When I went to pick boys up after work, one of his sores had doubled in size. I took pictures of the worst two places and sent them to the doc. After texting back and forth, we decided he needed to be admitted for some IV antibiotics. That was the beginning of the nightmare.
Once we got to hospital at 6:15, we sat in the room. Seriously, try entertaining a active two year old in a small hospital room!! At about 8, they decided to bring us something to eat. Finally around 8:30, they started trying to do the IV. He was so strong. He did not even cry when they put the IV in. They got it in and tried to get blood out of the IV. They got the blood out of it and one nurse started transferring it to tubes while The other nurse taped IV down. Well needless to say the one nurse messed up the blood transfer. So they had to try to get more blood out of the IV and that caused it to blow. Amazing but he did not cry that whole time. Then they tried to get the IV in somewhere else and he started crying, they got it in and tried ringer blood from it and it blew. Then, they tried again but could not get the vein. So we took a break. Poor kid!!!! While we were taking a break and they were getting a different nurse, the lab came in and said they had to draw blood bc all the blood from the IV attempts was not good. So they stuck him for the fourth time. Finally, the nurse from ER Came in to put IV in. She tried once and could not get it. Finally, on her second attempt and the hospitals fifth attempt, they got the IV going. It was 10:50 by this time.
Since getting the IV, Luke has been chilling out, going for wagon rides, he had some visitors ( jacquie, Maddie, and Daisy) and he has snacked around a little. This morning, (Sunday) the doctor came in and decided that Luke would need his spots drained. He has four places and the doc drained all of them with Luke awake and with out and pain meds or numbing. It was pretty tough to see. Now, Luke is playing in bed. The doc said we would get to go home in the morning. Tomorrow is also my first contract day of work. Praise God for a wonderful support system that helps us in these tough times. Now we are just praying that Luke heals up without any problems and that none of the rest of the family contracts this. Oh by the way, "this" has been identified as MRSA. Wonderful i know!!!! Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Evan is 2 months old

Wow how time flies! Evan is already two months old. You are cooing more and more each day. You still sleep more than you are awake. You are becoming so aware of your environment and Are constantly looking around at the world. Your brother adores you and talks to you all the time. You now weigh 11 lbs and you wear 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. In your short two months of life, you have experienced a lot: first hospital stay, first helicopter ride, and first time to stay with nana and pop pop! You are sleeping about 3 hours at a time during the night. You usually sleep the first 3 hours in your crib but then you cry when put back in there. For now, we let you have your way because we don't want you to cry too much and struggles to breath; but, that will change soon and you will have to cry it out. You eat every three hours like clockwork and you eat 4 ounces each time ( you little piggy)! You hate for your diapers to be the slightest bit of wet and so your mom and dad are gonna have to take out a loan to pay for diapers lol! We love you more than you may ever know and we could not imagine our lives without you. You are truly a gift from God.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unofficial joy

What a great few days we have had!!! On Thursday, jeff, Luke, and I all went to BrAnson. We stayed At the Grand Country Inn. Luke loved it because it has a splash park. We played for quite a while there And then we went to eat and shop. We ate at red lobster and let me tell you how amazed I was with Luke. He sat so good and we had several people tell us how precious he is. We already knew that, but it is sweet when complete strangers come up to us. After dinner and shopping, it was back to the room. Luke has never stayed in a hotel so he was a little excited and it was tough to get him to calm down and sleep. It was also very weird to go to bed without Evan. Jeff and I both kept waking up because we are use to getting up in the middle of the night. In the morning, we got up and ate at IHOP. Yummy is all I can say. After breakfast, it was back to the splash park. It was there that I received some wonderful news. I had recently applied for a Special Education Supervisor position. This posititon was what I wanted to be when I grow up, lol. I never honestly thought I would have a chance to get this job but hated to let an opportunity go by without trying. There are so few of these positions around this area and they don't come available often. So I applied and while Evan was in the hospital, I had my first interview. I have to tell you that was the toughest interview in my life. My brain and emotions were on overload dealing with my baby being so sick but we decided it was important for our family for me to proceed and go to the interview. I prayed hard for God to give me calmness and comfort in leaving my baby for a few hours. After the interview, I thought I had pretty much blown my chance at the job. It was tough and I didn't always know the answers. But, after I walked out, I called jeff and he said they were being discharged from the hospital. I just praised God that evan was coming home and regardless of how the interview went, my baby was okay!!! The next day, I received a phone call and was asked to come in the next day for another interview. That interview went really well and I felt great after it was over. I felt certain that I did the very best I could and that no matter the outcome, God's will would be done. So, back to the trip!!! While At the splash park, I received a phone call notifying me that I would be recommended for the job on July 8th. So I got the job unofficially, at least until board approved. I start work on Friday and I can't hardly wait. I will miss my students but fortunately, bp will still be one of my schools that I supervise so I wont be away from them completely. This job opportunity is a dream come true and our family is so blessed. Anyhow, after getting off the phone, I notified as many friends and family as I could before jeff reminded me that we were on vacation, lol!!! After the splash park, we went shopping again and then it was off the the Dixie Stampede. Let me just say that if you have kiddos, this is the show to see. The only time in Luke's life that he sits still is whe he is sleeping and even then, he moves around lol. The kiddo was so amazed by the show, he barely moved and I had to feed him because he didn't want to look down at his plate. It was so precious to watch. Jeff and I just kept looking at each other and I knew we were both thinking the same thing, "God has blessed us so much and we have two amazing children.". After the show, we asked Luke what his favorite part of the show was and he responded, "the piggies!". Well then, we headed home to pick up evan. We sure had an amazing time but we missed our little brother. A huge thanks goes out to my mom and dad who kept evan so we could spend some time with Luke! By the way, think we realized that a two hour travel is about Luke's max so if we take a trip in the future that requires more travel time, it will be at night!!!