Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Year of Soccer in the Books

I can't believe soccer is already over.  I had no idea this sport was so fun.  Luke is so good at it.

Luke and Lela were a tough duo and they played well with one another. 

Luke scored like 5 or 6 goals in one game.  I was so proud of him.

At the end of every game, the kids get to run through a tunnel of their biggest fans. 

Seriously wish I could get this kid to open his eyes for a picture but he still looks handsome in his uniform. 

Treehouse and A Ride

The treehouse is finished.  The boys are beside themselves with excitement.

Luke tested out the rope swing.

Seriously, can you believe this thing??

I am also proud to report that this girl was allowed up there.  It was so cool!!!

The boys also got to ride the horse.  It was such a wonderful evening.  

Random Happenings

It never ceases to amaze me how I struggle to keep this blog up-to-date.  So here is another random post to catch up on our lives.

Evan has started to dress himself (finally) and he hasn't quite got the hang of things matching.  

Luke still wants to wear shorts everyday but it is cold and the house is the only place for shorts.  I think we will have a basketball star on our hands.  

We have been reading a lot and I especially love watching Jeff read to the boys.  

Our Sunday school class created a Thanksgiving tree.  I was so proud of the kids because they said wonderful things they were thankful for.  I expected them to say toys and so forth but they said things like: Jesus, God, mom, dad, family, etc. 

I also got my hair done.  I decided to leave red behind for a bit and went back to dark.  I love it so much!!

Granny is singing with Angels

I have been putting off this post because it hurts to much to write but the time has come.  I think it is important to remember my granny.  She was and will likely always be the hardest working servant for Christ.  I When I was growing up, from the age of 4 on, my granny would come to my house and pick me up for church.  She even made some dresses for me to wear in my younger days.  As I got older, she taught my Sunday School class.  I will always remember that when she would pick me up, she always had Mt. Dew and snack cakes in her car.  She always brought these snacks for her class.  During the summers she would take me to Church Camp.  I was always amazed that at her age she was still getting around so well.  For services, she would get all dressed up and wear heals and let me tell you that at church camp that was no easy feat.  

Most of the kids in Pyatt can look back on the first Bible they ever received and see that it came from my granny.  She always wanted to ensure that everyone had a copy of God's word.  After Granny passed, I went down to her room to find her Bible.  I was amazed that she had so many bibles.  There were at least 20 Bibles in her room that were visible.  This lady loved the Word of God like no other.  When anyone in the community had a biblical question they wouldn't go to the preacher, they headed straight to granny's.  Granny was more than just the monarch of our family, she meant so much to the community.  In her later days, most people would see granny at Basketball games or Community Choir.  Despite not driving the last few years of her life, she was instant on attending those to social events.  

I can say that my granny set a great example for all, she loved God's word and made certain that if the church doors were open, she would be there sitting on the second row to the left.  Until she started to get real sick, I am pretty certain she never missed a service.  I have so many wonderful memories of Granny and I could go on all day but the only memory that matters is that she loved the Lord.  I know that she is in Heaven and that she is signing her heart out.  I heard someone say after she passed, "If granny didn't make it to Heaven, we are all in trouble."  I know without a doubt that the Lord looked upon Granny and said, "Well done my very good and faithful servant."

Our family was so blessed to have so many people who took care of our needs in our time of sorrow.  There are not words worthy to repay this kindness but we love you all.  I will leave you with the below statement that I take comfort in on a daily basis.  

Granny we love and miss you so much but are so happy you have finally received your reward in Heaven.  

Friday, November 14, 2014


Halloween was busy this year and a little different than normal for us.  First, this was Luke's first school party.  The kids had a blast and were very sugared up. I am glad I only had to take one of them home with me, LOL!

Luke and his classmates enjoying their treats. 

Luke and I worked very hard making this treats for his class.  I think everyone liked the look but wasn't so keen on actually eating them.

Here was the final product.  Our hard work paid off and they turned out super cute.

We also had our typically BLAST halloween night.  The kids all dressed up and trunker-treated.

Above is Evan as Batman and below is Oakley as a fireman.

Below is another Luke that goes to our church.  He was a ninja and he loved his picture to be taken!

Below is sweet Savannah in her princess costume.

Sweet Alighnah in her princess costume.

Jesse was a dragon and he made an awful cute dragon.

Karson was obviously Superman and protected us from all the other scary costumes.

Below is Satch.  I thought he was an army man but he informed me that he was a sergeant.

And below is my entire BLAST class.  I love these kids and having an opportunity to teach them all about Christ.

Luke was a special forces man.  As I said before, this year was a little different for Halloween.  This year, we went quickly to our usual places (neighbors, Grandma Fern, and Pa and Grandma's).  Then, we grabbed pizza and went to visit my granny. Granny was put on Hospice a few days prior to Halloween and my mom was having a difficult time.  We thought we could cheer everyone up with some pizza and an unusual opportunity to see the boys in their costumes.  Granny really enjoyed our visit.

Before we left, both boys had an opportunity to hug granny and tell her they loved her.  Of course they had the obvious questions about why granny was in a hospital bed in the living room but we were able to answer their questions and they were able to enjoy the evening.

I sure love that I can treasure these memories for the rest of my life and that I have an opportunity to share them all with you.

Basketball, Turkey Trot, Granny's birthday

Another post I started last month.  My nephew is pretty much Mr. Basketball of the peewee league.  This kid is a scoring machine and we are all very proud of him.  You can barely see him as it was difficult to get a picture of the moving target. 

You can barely see him as it was difficult to get a picture of the moving target. 

Look at the kid ready to play some serious defense.  He is also an excellent re-bounder.  

Turkey Trot occurred and the boys had a blast watching the parade.  They got more candy than any child should ever have.  

Sweet Garon enjoying watching his daddy play for the crowd.  The band was awesome as always but the rain that ended it was not so fun.

We also celebrated my sweet granny's 89th birthday.  I am so glad that several of our family members made it to enjoy this time with her.  I know that we will cherish this forever.  

Cookies and Dieting

As always, I am once again behind on my blogging.  If you read this blog at all, you know I love to cook and eat.  I am also a yo-yo dieter.  Obviously, when I started this post I was off my diet and thinking I needed to get back on.  Oh well, I enjoyed these wonderful cookies.  

Famous No-Bake Cookies as found on any website but the key for me is to make certain you use enough peanut butter and that you boil for at least 2 minutes or they will just be a mess.