Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Benton Style

Santa did great this year and brought Evan a bike and Luke an I-pod.  All were very happy!

Evan and his bike (man I wish this kiddo would keep his eyes open).  

This is seriously the only time a bike is allowed on my carpet. LOL!

Then we went to Pa and Grandma's.  The kids ziplined and played hard.  Aunt Sue read to the boys and they loved it. 

Aunt Sue and Uncle Lenny with all of their great-nephews.

Luke was so sweet playing with Grayson.

Then it was game time.  Of course, the boys won like always but we still had a great time.  

Everyone sitting around waiting to guess the answer.

Oh how we love our family and the times we get to share with one another.  

Christmas Program

Our Church Christmas Program was amazing (well with one exception).  It was a Duck Dynasty theme (David's Dynasty).  Luke was Joseph and didnt really have any lines but was part of a big finale in which he and Mary held arms and carried baby Jesus off the stage and down the isle. 

Above you will see the entire cast.  Seriously how cute are those beards?!

All the kids singing one of the amazing songs.  I loved these songs so much I didnt want to give our CD back but its not like you can steal from the church, LOL!

Luke, look so precious as Joseph!

Well so here is the breakdown on this play....Luke got major stage fright and the above pictures are the only ones I was able to get considering he ran off stage and refused to go back on.  I felt so bad for him, he was crying and shaking and this mommy was barely holding it together.  AS the play started to come to an end, I got even more nervous because of the big finale.  Gladly, the directors were quick on their feet and managed to get someone to step in for the MIA Joseph.

Next year, I believe I will let Luke decide whether or not he wants to do the play.  I am highly doubtful!!

Christmas at The Gray's and Coleman's

Christmas brings about joy and sadness.  It is always a difficult time of year and a time we miss our loved ones who have gone on to Heaven. As we celebrated this year, I wanted to take time to remember Jeff's Pa who he adored so much.

Evan and Garon playing in Granny Gray's utility room.  They play so well together.  

Luke and Grady playing with their new toys.  They had so much fun (maybe too much) that we had to make them move to the bedroom. 

Then it was off to celebrate the Coleman Christmas.  This was our first Christmas without Granny.  It was tough but we had a good time doing all the things Granny loved (eating and playing cards).

I found the above picture on my phone.  Not sure who took this but I am sure it was one of the kids.  

Precious Evan and Keyton playing with a new toy.  

Finally, someone was able to snap a picture of all of the Gray great-grandsons.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grandpa Keymer is 87

Oh how I love my sweet Grandpa.  This weekend we celebrated his 87th birthday.  He is now the only living grandparent I have.  That is a tough pill to swallow.

Grandpa was so excited and in true Keymer fashion, he had to address the crowd.  He told us all about going to get his drivers license renewed.  He said the lady told him he had three chances to pass the vision.  He failed the first two times but passed the third.  The lady then gave him his license and told him she would see him in 4 years.  I laughed so hard and then I began to pray for his and everyone else's safety over the next four years.  

Thanks to my cousin's wife for taken a great family picture for us.  We love you Grandpa!!!


The boys were able to be in a parade this past month.  This was Evan's first time to ride a float and he loved it.  Mrs. Carol's playhouse always does an amazing job and this year was no different.  

Despite the rain and cold, the whole group had a blast!

Evan Mrs. Carol's husband participated.  The kids refer to him as Pe-Paw.  

I love the expression on Evan's face. 

Luke was very excited to throw candy "at everyone."

Both of my boys enjoying the crowd.

Thank you Mrs. Carol for making another memory we will cherish forever.  

Zip lining and Thanksgiving

I am not sure how other families spend Thanksgiving but ours enjoys playing in the newly built tree-house and zip-lining through the yard.

Luke was so good to help his brother.   I thought Evan might be a little nervous but he wasn't and he has a blast.  

Look how handsome my young little man is.  

This big brother might be the most precious thing I have ever seen.  He enjoys life like no other. 

I love how Clay (the dog), is watching out for this kiddos.

Luke is also a bit of a trickster.  He wanted to do flips and all sorts of other things.  I can only imagine that heart attacks I will experience in the future.

Christmas is Upon Us

Oh it has been busy around here with Christmas approaching.  We have had several parties to attend. 

I love our tree this year with the addition of the ribbon.  I also found the best wrapping paper and it was also the least expensive. 

Mrs. Carol, the kiddos child care provider, did an amazing job decorating the daycare.  I was amazed at the new additions daily.  

She even threw a big Christmas party for the families and look who came to visit. 

Both boys loved sitting on Santa's lap and they loved the little stuffed animal they received.  

Mrs. Carol and all of her kiddos with Santa. 


Luke also had a party at school.  They got to dress in their PJ's and watch polar express.  I think he really enjoyed it.