Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Becky's shower

I am so excited that two of our friends are getting married. It has been a long time coming and we are so glad that these two found each other. I used to live with Becky and Matt works with Jeff. I recall that when I was living with Becky, Matt began his internship with Jeff at Ranger. He came over a few times and let us cook for him. Our boys love these two and we do also. So we are certainly hoping, wishing, and praying for a wonderful future for these two.

Becky in the corner opening gifts.  Look at these beatiful flowers that her friends prepared for the shower.  Everything just looked wonderful.  Everyone has to love Becky!!  As soon as I arrived, she started waiting on me and bringing my kiddos food.  She is always taking care of others; which, is a quality that I am certain that Matt will be thankful for. 

Here is Lynn and she is pregnant and oh so cute!  I love how pregnancy looks on everyone but myself, HA!  Lynn and Alice, Becky's BFFs threw the shower.

What a cute wedding shower idea!!  They had each guest write a piece of advice to Becky on how to make a marriage work.  I wrote, "Keep God number one, Matt number two, and everything else will work it's self out."  If you look close, you can tell which one Luke made for Becky!

Becky looking all cute in her dress and ready to open up some gifts. 

Pinterest is taking the shower world by storm.  Another idea used here: Mason Jar's with lemon drops.  The tag says, "Thanks for dropping by and the date!"  Very cute idea!

Seriously look at this cupcake.  It was calling my name and I answered.  Let me just say that it was certainly worth every calorie!

Finally, the happy couple.  So excited to see what God has planned for both of your lives. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Luke fishing again

Luke went fishing with his Pop-pop on Saturday. They went to a man in Dad's church house and they made their own fishing poles and fished in the pond. It was an event put on by the Bruno Baptist Church and entitled, "Fisher's of men."

Luke's two cousins (Ethan and Maci) were there also.

Luke was so proud because he caught the biggest fish.  He told me, "It had blood on it and I didn't touch it!"  This kids too funny!

Our weekend and then some

We have been having so much fun lately. These kiddos are always busy and getting into something. The other night, me and the boys went for a drive.  These drives are some of the best times I ever get with them.  Usually, we are out and about because the boys are being a bit to wild and we need to give Jeff a little bit of time to wind down and relax after work.  Luke loves to drive around and look for deer and around our house, we can always find some. 

I decided to take the boys to the place where Jeff proposed to me and snap a little photo as a keepsake.  It was about the same time of the night and year as the above photo.  It was such a wonderful proposal as Jeff set up my camera to catch a photo with the sunset behind us as he got down on one knee. 

Evan has started doing a little better about eating and using a plate.  He prefers to always use a fork and not the little kiddo forks.  So as you might guess, dinner is a bit of a wild event.

The poor kiddo could hardly stay awake to eat dinner.  But he looks so handsome!

I had to take Luke to the doctor the other day and I am sure you can tell that he looked really sick (HA!).  Seriously, why do all kids act better the second you walk in the door?

Jeff took me to buy a pair of boots.  I hate to spend the money but he said it could  count as my birthday gift so I suppose that made it okay.  I love them and they really look cute with dresses!

I love this smile.  So glad these boys took after their daddy.

The boys and I went on another drive around Bruno and we stumbled upon this house.  It is seriously my dream home (not the mobile home, ha). 

We also stopped at a playground and Evan decided he wanted to be very brave and kept climbing up the ladder to the slide.  It made me nervous but I remember that Luke was exactly the same way.  I love my boys and I sure enjoyed spending these moments with them. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

First hair cut

Last weekend, we took the boys to get their hair cut. Luke always loves going to get his hair cut but this was going to be Evan's first time. When Luke got his first hair cut, he sat so still and was so nervous. Let's just say that Evan was completely different.

A cute shot after his hair was done.  He looks so big!

Well as you can see, Evan hated that Mr. Shawn was cutting his hair.  Jeff had to hold him and try to give him his bottle.

This isn't the best picture but I wanted to remember all aspects of the effort put into getting this kids hair cut. 

Evan hair before it was cut.  It was so long and he even had a few curls in the back.

It got so bad that Jeff had to literally hold his head still and against him just to accomplish the task at hand. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pool fun

The boy's babysitter decided to purchase a pool for the boys to enjoy.  They have been having so much fun and she has sent me some of the cutest pictures that I just had to share. 

Precious Luke is all smiles.

Evan loves the water.

Look at this angel.  I just love his smile especially when he shows all those teeth. 

My boys having a great time together.  I love how Luke always thinks he needs to have goggles when he is int he water. 

God has certainly blessed us with two wonderful boys.

Never to be forgotten weekend for Luke

A few weeks ago, Luke got to experience some new things.  You can tell by the look on his face in these pictures that he is honestly having the best time.

Pa has been building a rock wall at his house and it has taken a great deal of work.  Luke was able to "help" him and enjoyed it so much.  And how cute are these two with their hats?

Luke and I made cookies and he proceeded to carry the things all over the house.  I suppose he was proud of those cookies.

Luke and Jeff went fishing down by Gunner's dock.  It was much to my surprise and I am sure Luke's that they ended up going out on the river boat.  Luke so so excited and all he could talk about was catching the fish.