Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Father's Day

We had a great Father's day this year. First, we went to church at Bruno Baptist and heard my Brother-in-Law preach. He did an amazing job and his message really spoke to me. He talked about how as Christian Parents, we need to have faith in God to take care of our children and how we need to be leading our children in a Godly path by setting good examples. He played that song that really touched me. Here are some of the lyrics:
 \ Sanctus Real \ Lead Me I look around and see my wonderful life Almost perfect from the outside In picture frames, I see my beautiful wife Always smiling, but on the inside, oh, I can hear her saying Lead me with strong hands Stand up when I can’t Don’t leave me hungry for love, chasing dreams But what about us Show me you’re willing to fight That I’m still the love of your life I know we call this our home But I still feel alone I see their faces, look in their innocent eyes They’re just children from the outside I’m working hard, I tell myself, “They’ll be fine; they’re independent” But on the inside, oh, I can hear them saying … So Father, give me the strength to be everything I’m called to be Oh, Father, show me the way to lead them Won’t You lead me? To lead them with strong hands To stand up when they can’t Don’t want to leave them hungry for love Chasing things that I could give up I’ll show them I’m willing to fight And give them the best of my life So we can call this a home Lead me, ‘cause I can’t do this alone Father, lead me, ‘cause I can’t do this alone .

After Randy's great sermon, we had the Lord's supper.  What a wonderful and fitting time to remember our Heavenly Father and the sacrfice he made for us.  Then, we headed to the creek to watch Randy baptize my nephew Ethan.  I am certain that this is a father's day that Randy will never forget. 

A precious moment between father and son.

Ethan about to be baptized by his father.

Randy having a quick quiet talk with Ethan before he was baptized.


This pictures are a little out of order but oh well, above is a picture of one of the best dads that I know.  Jeff you mean the world to your two little boys and me.  They love you so much and each day, they are so excited to see you come home so you can play with them in the floor.  We love you so much and thank you for taking care of us and leading our family.

Ethan being baptized and representing a new life in Christ.

Another example of how great of a father Jeff is. 

Before the baptism, Randy led us in pray.  I couldn’t help but think about the last time I stood at this creek and the emotions I felt while watching my amazing father being baptized.  My father is a great man and had worked so hard his entire life taking care of his family.  I am so thankful for the Christian man he has become and the example he has set for his children.

After the creek, we headed to mom and dads and we had lunch.  It was so good.  We had ham, potato salad, fabulous garlic-cheese biscuits, beans, and macaroni and cheese. 

Finally, we concluded the day by visiting the other father in our lives, Bert.  Bert is such a wonderful Father in Law as well as a Pa, Pa.  My kids just love him so much.  I just want to say how much I appreciate him setting such a good example for Jeff in how to be a father and a husband.  Our family is truly blessed to have you in our lives.

To all the fathers in my life, I love you all!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot Date

I finally had a chance to go on a hot date with my oldest son. Before I had Evan, Luke and I would go on dates on a regular basis. With Evan, it is pretty difficult to handle two boys at a resturant at one time. I asked Luke where he wanted to go eat and he said, "I dont care mom, you make the decision." He talks so much like an adult. We ended up eating mexican which is Luke's favorite.  After we ate, we had a little time to waste before we went to watch Grady play ball.  It was really too hot to do much so we went to the mall.  I really wanted to look at clothes but that is not very easy to do.  The mall had some really great things for kids to do.  He loved it even though I didnt have any tokens to make the machines work. 

Luke my little firefighter thought it was best to drive the truck while setting backwards.

The train was his favorite.  He was really bummed that I did not bring any change to make it work.  I promise that I wont forget money next time.

Luke and me at dinner. 

It cracked me up that all of these toys said Children only.  You know that the only reason for it saying this is because there were people other than children trying them out. 

This last picutre was not the best but we knew that "Pa" would enjoy seeing Luke on a dozer. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Raid of Jeff's phone

I got ahold of Jeff's phone and realized that he had a lot of great photos that needed to be blogged. Here are just a few random photos.

Luke has always loved his 4-wheeler but now Evan loves it too.

Precious Evan in the bath.

Evan looks so big in this picture.

Not the best picture but Jeff and Luke worked very hard building a barn.  When Evan and I came in to see it, Evan immediately tore it up.  Luke was so bummed but he and his father put it back together.

Gangster Luke

Gangster Evan

The barn with tractors and animals in it.

Evan looks so big like he is ready to go to school.  I know it will be here before we know it. 

Oh My!

When you have children, there are just somethings that make you go, "Oh My!" These are just a few pictures of some of those moments.

Luke seriously could not have fit another thing into his mouth, even if he tried.

Luke loves to fly on his dad's legs but in this picture, he looks a little possessed. 

Seriously, Evan what could you be crying about.  You plate is full of nummy, nummies.

Yes, my kid has make-up on.  He was watching his babysitter get ready and when she left the room, he thought he should get ready too.  We have discussed with Luke that boys don't wear makeup.  Killion said that Luke told her, " Get this makeup off me before Dalton gets home because men don't wear make-up."  He is too funny.  I am pretty sure if we would have had a girl, she would have been very beautiful, LOL!

Okay this is just too funny.  My boys were kissing each other and I managed to catch it on camera.  They are going to kill me for this one when they are teenagers. 

Just a little pre-bedtime fun!

Oh how I love these boys. It never fails that when bed-time nears they both get a little wild and cranky.  Tonight, they were just precious. 

Evan has learned how to smack like he is giving a kiss and that is exactly what he decided to do for me.

Luke wanted to hide in the laundry basket and Evan thought he should too.

Amazing that these kids can make themselves fit into such small places.

Evan, "Quit taking pictures of me mom.  I know I am cute but seriously."

Then they decided that they both could fit into the basket. 

Evan is just so darn cute.  They are both growing so much!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandma Coleman

Once again, this is an old post that I never got around to posting. My poor grandma had to go to be taken to the hospital a few weeks ago. She was at a funeral and passed out. She was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. She sure frightened us but granny is aweful tough. I know granny cant live forever and on multiple occasions, she has told me that she is ready to go to Heaven. She has told me that many of her loved ones have already been called home and she cant hardly wait to join them. Its hard to imagine her not being down here on Earth with us but my Granny certainly has a huge crown waiting on her when she does get called home. I honestly can not imagine how many people she has lead to Christ in her lifetime. When granny's mind was still really good, she was the person everyone would come to if they had a question about the bible or where to find something in the bible. If she didnt't know the answer, she would study till she figured it out. I still remember when she would teach my Sunday school class and she always bought us Mt. Dew and snack cakes. I remember she would pick me up every Sunday morning and I would set in class while she wrote tons of notes on the dry erase board that she had worked so hard preparing during the week. She always studied hard and taught harder. She is a beautiful example of a Godly woman.
As she has gotten older, she has struggled greatly with her memory. She no longer remembers what day it is and she will hardly eat anything besides cottage cheese and peaches. I know that Granny does not like that she is forgetting so many things but she has a great support system and we are all going to enjoy every minute that we have with her while she is still with us. Thank you Lord for helping Granny through this hospital stay. Oh by the way, Granny has raised 5 children as well as assisted in raising 5 step-children.  She has so many grandkids, great-grandkids, and great-great-grandkids, I honestly cant count them all.  Here are just a few of her great grandkids. 

Crazy weekend

I am so far behind on my blogging so please disregard the fact that these pictures are not recent; however, I want to document and remember all of them. Luke has been wanting a new pool considering his old one has a huge hole in the side, so we went and bought him one.  It took a little work but I was able to convince Jeff to let us buy the biggest one we could find without it being too deep for Evan.  As you will see in the pictures, the boys loved it. 

Evan was not sure about the temperature.  Neither boy could wait long enough to let the water warm up so our swim time was cut pretty short. 

Luke hates to get water in his eyes so he insisted that we buy him some goggles.  When we starting looking, he wanted to make sure that Evan had a pair too.  Luke loved the fact that this pool had a slide and just kept going down it, over and over again. 

How cute is this kid?

I was trying so hard to catch both boys but they were so excited that I couldnt get them still enough for a picture. 

This was honestly as good as I could do at getting both boys to look at me. 

We ended that weekend on a bad note.  Luke once again ended up with staph.  Poor kid was so afraid he would have to go back to the hospital.  He is so tough!  I texted our faboulous doctor and he quickly called in a script.  Within a few days, Luke started to get better and we were able to avoid another hosptial stay.  Thank you Lord!!