Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friends and a Wedding

This past weekend I was able to help one of my friends with her BFF's wedding.  We probably had more fun than the bride and groom. 

Us girls just goofing around. 

I am pretty sure I was holding both of these girls up in this picture but I am a pretty tough ol' gal.

Just another goofy picture of us.

The precious bride and groom

Sweet Kim already to walk down the isle.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding and I pray much happiness on this couple.

Birthday party fun

Oh how we love Birthday's in our family.  This past week, we were able to celebrate Grayson's 1st birthday.  

It was very cutely decorated and the baseball smash cake was beautiful. 

How precious is this little Benton boy?!?

It has been a quick year but our family is so blessed to have you.

Look at this spread of food!!

Sweet Grayson and his Grandma!

Luke's Soccer Game

We have a new sport in The Benton House and that sport is Soccer.  I honestly have to say that I have never been interested in this sport but Luke seems to really like it.  I also think it is good for him to run some energy off and learn to focus. 

It is so funny to watch him because he thinks that the only time he can kick the ball is when he is facing his goal.  He also wants to be a goalie so badly but they do not have goalies at this age.

Another thing about soccer that I did not know is that it can be quite aggressive.  The kids really push around on one another and end up on the ground more than you would think.

Luke's classmate Lela is on his team and she is very good.  This is her second year of playing soccer.  

Luke and Lela waiting for a kickoff. 

Tree House Part 1

Operation Tree house is underway at the Benton's house.  On Saturday we went to Pa and Grandma's house and we began on the tree house.

Evan was not much help and simply wanted to play in the yard.

I also brought Ethan over and he and Luke were not much help either.  They spent all day climbing trees and playing.

Luke did do a little bit of work but overall he just wants it to be done and get up in the tree. 

Jeff and Luke helping Pa set up the supports for the base.

This is the beginning but this tree house is going to be amazing.  I cant wait to see the finished product and I hope these boys allowed girls to climb up in the tree house.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Church Family Picnic

Our family is so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family of God.  This past Sunday, we had our annual church picnic.  The kids had a blast and the food was wonderful!!

As always, the kids enjoyed the bounce house and playing with their friends.  We adults enjoyed getting to fellowship with fellow parents and church members.

Evan loved the sand even though it made me nauseous to allow him to play in it.  I can only imagine the nasty things that occur on that sand.  Anyhow, he had a blast.

I know my hair seem really bright but the sun was hitting it just right and I got it done just a few days ago.  I am still trying to decide whether I should add more dark back in next time or rock the red.  As much as I dislike my picture being taken, I am blessed to have this fella next to be to make it better.

Luke also like the sand but he had the most fun chasing the big kids around and around the park.  I love that our youth enjoy hanging out with our kiddos.  It is so important to establish role models early in life and I hope that my children always seek Godly ones.

We had a blast swinging, eating, and running about but the best part is spending time with those of like faith.  Our God is so mighty.