Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cousin fun

A few weeks ago, the kids got to spend some time with their cousins. They always love getting to hang out and play. I am so glad we have family close by and that our kids get to grow up with their cousins. I can only imagine what the future holds for these kiddos.

Uncle Randy playing ninja turtles with the kids.  

Maci, Luke, and Ethan making silly faces.

And more silly faces!

Luke making a precious face.  He is such an amazing kiddo!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Diet and decor

Well the diet is still going well.  I am makin slow progress but progress none the less.  I have now lost 19 pounds.  I have started running again and plan to run a half marathon in November.  

I have also been trying to keep myself very busy with fun things rather than just work.  I bought curtains for our entire house.  It feels so much more cozy now.

I have also found that I tend to purchase food items that I really want but won't eat anymore.  I try to get the kids to enjoy them for me!  Ha!

While traveling for work, I decided I would work on a Pinterest project.  These still aren't up on the wall but they are going to look good with the new sheets and pillow cases. 

Since I can eat lots of butter but not rice, I gave all my rice to a co-worker and waited patiently for the veggies to add to my butter.

Here is the rice that I did without!  This was a tough temptation.

I made sugar cookies with the kids.

They decided to decorate a big one for Killion.  I didn't try these but she claimed they were very good!

A walk in the past

A few weekends ago, we went over to Bruno to hang out with the cousins.  Our boys love going to Bruno because that means: cows, four wheelers, and tractors.  

Cousin Garon looking oh so precious.

These toys are those from the past.  Granny Gray has been able to hold on to many of the same toys Jeff and Dan played with when they were kiddos.  The boys lie them so much. 

These toys always bring back old memories and stories for Jeff and I love to listen to them being told.

Sweet Evan played hard and feed all of the toy animals Garon's candy.