Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunny days

Wow, what a little sunshine can do for a person. Thank you Lord for this wonderful, sun shiny day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Life

As usual, our family has been so busy. I often think that I would like to push pause on everything that is going on around us so that we can slow down and enjoy life. That is not to say we don't enjoy our lives, but I feel like we have so little time to soak it all in. We run from one thing to another so quickly that I can't hardly remember what I have done from day to day. I watch this show called, "Sweet Home Alabama.". If you like the bachelor, you will love this so much more. Anyhow, yesterday Paige said, " I just love the simply life of the south.". As busy as we are in the south, I can't even imagine the hustle and bustle of the city life, nor do I want to.

So Evan has finally got his 3rd tooth coming in. He is getting so big and I am loving his personality. He is sleeping better, waking only once a night. He is eating everything in sight. Tonight, he had ham, cheese, carrots, and veggie puffs. He really likes to follow his brother everywhere and is getting very brave about letting go of things as he stands.

Luke has been.very busy asking a thousand questions a minute. He can't seem to ever get enough information in that brain. He is like a sponge and absorbs everything. We use to be able to watch TV and he had no idea what they said or was on the screen. Now, he hears and repeats everything. Luke has trouble with some of his sounds and being a special Ed teacher, I couldn't help but be concerned. I also know that early intervention is key, so we had Luke assessed. The sounds he has been struggling with are all age appropriate so he did not qualify. He has such a loving heart and always prays for him babysitter and her unborn child, Boston. It amazes me that a 3 year old understands that there is life in Killion's belly but today's society can't figure that out.

I have been very busy with work and have faced many challenges the last two weeks. I finally feel like I have come to terms with those challenges and I am ready to move forth. Jeff and I have decided that I will spend one night a week working on my school projects and studying for my admin test. I hope to take the test in may and would like to have most of my projects finished before school starts in the fall. I have about a month till school starts back but thankfully, they only last 5 weeks. I am still trying to diet but am finding it tough to drop weight this time. I won't let the scale get me down.

Well that is a short update for us. I am determined not to worry about tomorrow because I know that it is in Gods hands. He can get us through anything. Never give up Hope for Hope is in the GREAT I AM.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My next reward!

So there are a few things I have learned about myself in the last few years of my life:

First, I will never be good at dieting. I have always ate whatever my heart desired and never gained weight. Well then I had kids and got a bit older and that is no longer true.

Second, losing weight is not motivation enough for me to stick to a diet.

Finally, I will do just about anything to earn a reward.

I say all of that so you will understand the rest of my post. Back in October, Jeff and I were talking and I was once again complaining about not being able to drop weight ( all while I was eating at Razorback Ribs). I was asking him for a treadmill and we discussed that if I stuck to a diet plan, until Thanksgiving, I would get a treadmill. So, I did and I lost 16 lbs. Unfortunately, I only stuck to it until that date (wow, that is the first time I have admitted that).

Jeff and I were talking today and I was telling him that I need to get back to dieting. He knows me best and said that I need to set goals and come up with a reward if I stuck to it.

So here is my reward....if I stick to my diet until March 26th, we will be sitting on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying amazing sunsets with my best friend..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Boys

On December 29th, our little Luke turned 3. I cant believe how time has flown. In an almost unbelieveable story, Luke and Landon (our best friends, kiddo) were born on the same day. Our poor doctor had his work cut out for him. Luke and Landon are just so much fun to have around each other and I just sit and wonder at times what they will be like when they are 15 or worse yet, 16 and driving. Everyone may want to start praying for us know.

Regardless, God has blessed us with an amazing son. He is so smart and has a vocabulary like no other. He loves God, Church, his grandparents and "The farm." We love you Luke!!!

Luke looking at a card!

Luke with his cupcake tower.

We are ready to party. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse visited the Benton House.

This is Luke at Landon's party. Landon got this amazing horse and the boys loved it.

Landon had his party a few days before Luke's and they are always nice enough to include Luke and let him blow candles out too.

The birthday boys!

I was so proud of Luke, he sat so nicely while Landon opened gifts.

Landon digging in to his gifts. He is so much like his mother (OCD), he insist on getting every last piece of wrapping paper off before he goes on to the next gift.

We had so much fun with these boys turning three!!!!

Family Fun

Over the Christmas break, we got to spend time with our wonderful family. I started to really think last night about how important family is to us and how we should cherish the time that we have with one another. Too often, we look back on our lives after a member of our family has passed and we think, "I sure wish I would have spent more time with them." I am thankful that the majority of mine and Jeff's family are close enough by, that we get to spend quality time together.

Here is Garon (Dan and Steph's youngest son). He is so precious and I am starting to think that he looks alot like his dad when he was young.

This is Maci and in the background there is Ethan. These are my sister's children. Ethan is the smartest kiddo I know, and he knows it, LOL. Maci is so calm and quiet. I wonder how my sister got the two calm kiddos.

This is Grady (Dan and Steph's oldest son). He is named after Jeff's Pa. He has learned how to hit the baseball when his dad pitches it. I am amazed at how quickly he has learned this and how far he can hit it.

Above is my precious Grandma and my cousin Kevin. I am so thankful for everyday that God gives us to spend with my Grandma and cousin. Grandma is 87 years old and she still drives to church and singing. Kevin has surpassed all odds and survived what doctors call "an inoperable brain tumor." God is amazing and these two people are amazing. I am blessed to have them in my life. Love you guys!!!

In my family, we play cards when we gather. As I look at this picture, I notice that my most amazing and Godly example is missing. Every time we play, I think about Uncle Bobby. I know he is looking down and is amazed that Uncle Glenn lets me play. You see, I have been watching my uncles, aunts, grandparents, and mom play for around 20 years. It is a pretty complicated game and the only way you get to play in my family is if someone dies (obviously, we hope that never happens). Thankfully,they have decided to let me play without the aforementioned occurring.

Finally, this is my SIL. She is obviously expecting Adam's second child and this time it is a little boy. They already have Brilee and she is so precious. In this beautiful belly, is Keyton James.

This is no where close to all our family but just a glimpse of our family fun over the Christmas break.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa Came to Town

I remember as a child the excitement of Christmas morning and the thought that Santa had somehow got into our house and left us presents. In my family, we would go out on Christmas Eve and look at the Christmas lights in Harrison. On the way home, we would look in the sky for a red flashing light. Mom and Dad told us that if we found that light, we found Santa in the sky. Additionally, my family would leave milk and cookies out for Santa and then my mom would gather us in the living room and read "The Night Before Christmas."

Since this time, mom has bought each of her children a copy of this great book so now we can all read it to our own children. Luke loves to read it throughout the year.

As a reflect back on this years Christmas, it was so much fun to watch my children open presents. Luke was so excited for Santa this year. We left Santa cake and milk and he ate it all!!! I do think that I went a little crazy this year. My mom and dad always made sure we had a great Christmas but I knew, even as a child, that it was a struggle for them to afford much. This is probably why I believed in Santa for so long (it was the only reasonable explanation). So, I said that to say that I just seemed to go overboard this year. I know that it is not about the gifts and that Christmas has a much deeper meaning but this was the first time I felt like Jeff and I could buy gifts and not have to take money from our savings.

Well from our family to yours, we hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Ultimately, we have taught Luke the true meaning of Christmas and we read a story about the birth of Christ multiple times weekly. Luke loves to discuss Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. He likes to ask where they are now and then of course that brings up Heaven and he then wants to know if he can go see them. I just keep telling him that one day, we will all get to see Jesus but for now, we have a purpose here on earth.

Gingerbread Train

I wanted Luke to create a gingerbread house for Christmas this year but when I found a gingerbread train, I knew it would be perfect. I thought that I would help Luke with this project but I quickly realized it was not designed for this mommy to put together so I enlisted Jeff's help. Jeff and Luke had so much fun. Jeff is a bit of a perfectionist so I think it was hard for him to allow Luke to do too much. All Luke could think about was eat this train and the candy. I finally convinced him that it was for looks not for eating. Regardless, I think it was a great time of bonding for father and son.

Luke watching his dad very intently.