Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Living 2015 in a Positive and Encouraging Manner; Glorifying God

Monday, September 30, 2013

Boys and church

I hate to brag, but I have the most handsome boys ever.  Sunday, Jeff had to head out of town and I had to get the boys ready myself.  I would say I did a pretty good job.

Evan loves to have his hair spiked.  He is about due for a haircut and hates them so please pray for me.

Luke is getting so big.  He is also picky about his hair and likes it to be combed down.  I love those dimples. 

Before and after

Well the pictures probably don't do it justice but in the last 3 months, I have lost 22.8 pounds.  It has been hard work and hasn't come without some sacrifice.  I only have about 5 more pounds to go. 

This picture is great but I found it in one of my school annuals.  I volunteer every year to serve pies at the Thanksgiving lunch.  I usually ended up eating 1/2 a pie and a few helpings of Turkey and dressing. 

Now, I eat an Atkins bar for dessert.  I may miss my pie but I certainly don't miss carrying around 4 bags of sugar around my waist. 

Pumpkin Fun

Fall is here and I love it so much. I have seen several people painting pumpkins and thought it would be a fun activity.  It ended up being more work than I ever imagined.  I think the boys had fun but it sure was a mess.  The mess was worth it and we were able to make another great memory.

Evan really wanted to be independent and I tried to let him as much as possible.

Luke painted all by himself and I am certain there was more paint on my floor and his body than anywhere else.

Jeff painted his pumpkin and I was quite impressed with his ability.

I bite off more than I planned to while painting this pumpkin but it turned out really pretty (if you dont look too close).

The other side of Jeff's pumpkin (WPS-----GO HOGS)

And here is our table full of painted pumpkins.  Another great time with family. 

End of summer

The boys and their daddy enjoyed the last real warm day of the summer before my favorite season, Fall, comes upon us.

The boys broke out the slip and slide and Luke finally figured out how to do it.
Evan preferred to just enjoy the nice cool weather. 

The boys playing nicely together.

Luke showing his sliding skills.

Evan loved to drink the water.  It was way too cute. 

Finally, Jeff and his boys enjoying a little cool down.

Newtons & Benton's

A few weekends ago, we went over to out homeless (Lol) friends the Newton's.  They are staying with Nona until their new house is available.  So I decided to cook some yummy goodness. 

This amazing treat was couteousy of Pinterest.  I will be honest, I may have ate more than a bite of this.  It was so wonderful and yes, it did make me feel sick afterwards.

My sweet little family riding on the mule over at Nona's farm. 

The Benton boys and Landon had so much fun.  They love spending time together. 

Grandma Benton's 90th

Jeff's grandma turned 90 years old and we decided to celebrate.  She is so precious. 

Grandma and Evan enjoying some time with friends and family.

Grandma and her sweet little friends.

Aunt Sue, Jimmy and Lauren all enjoying the festivities.

Jeff and Luke preparing to take some pictures. 

Fall and football

Luke and I went on a date.  I love my time that I get to spend on these "hot dates" as Luke and I refer to them.  We decided to go eat mexican and go the the Harrison vs. Mountain Home game.  Sorry Lindsay but we were cheering for the Gob's.

It was a beautiful night and reminded me why I love football so much.

Luke loved watching the game!

Boston loved watching the cheerleaders and the band.

I am not sure where I went wrong but it seems that my boy has decided to follow in his father's footsteps and be a Giants fan.  Hopefully, I can bring Evan over to my side to cheer on those Cowboys. 

Branson, zip line, and Luke

A few months back, we took Luke for the day to Branson.  He had previously asked us to take him, all by himself and go to Branson.  He requested that he wanted to go eat and Zip Line.  So as Luke requested, we went and had a blast. 

We went to the Grand Country Inn for games and some mini golf.  He loved climbing up in the thing and gathering up all the balls so he could shoot them out. 

Jeff and Luke road go-carts and went very fast.  He was smiling the entire time.  I am pretty sure Jeff was having fun too.

Then we let Luke drive his own go-cart.  He didn't really do so hot because he wanted to watch everything going on around him. 

Luke and Daddy ready to take off!

Luke and Jeff taking off from their first platform while zip lining.

The boys getting ready to go.

Luke being very brave as he climbed these stairs.  They were shaking the entire time. Luke said that it was more fun than scary. 

These boys look so cute and they were very ready to take off.

The workers said that Luke was probably the smallest kiddo they had ever taken.  He wasnt really afraid at first.

Jeff and Luke pretending to ride a roller coaster. I think it made them both a little sick. 

These bumper cars were probably Luke's favorite time of the day.  He loved it so much.

He barely was big enough to ride and we might have had to say he was 5.  Oh well, he did great. 

It's not often you see a boy in cowboy boots playing golf.

We kept trying to tell Luke that this was not the correct stance but hey it seems to be the new thing in golf so he went with it.

We had a great time, Luke and we will never forget this day.  We love you kiddo!